Client: Bespoken
Agency: Your Majesty
Role: Designer
Bespoken is a New York based clothing brand. They came to Your Majesty with a wish to redesign their site and also create an e-commerce platform, not just for their collections but also to give their customers a personalized tailoring experience in the made-to-measure online shopping.

While the design director worked on the mood board I researched e-commerce sites. How they function, the design, and things I felt worked, and what didn't. I collected the URLs and the team went through them together.

After this we designed three differnt directions for the home page. (I designed one of these.) The client picked one, and the design director started working on that and I designed the IA for the rest of the pages. When the home page comp and the IA where approved I wnt ahead and started designing the pages. 

To make sure the photos for the pages Shop Collection and Made to Measure would fit and be the way we wanted the to be, the design director and I overlooked the Bespoken F/W 2011 photo shoot. This was fun, and also really nice to get to know the guys behind the brand a lot better.