The XV

During the Promotion & Marketing module the class had three weeks to create the structure and come with a concept for how to get our class brand out to the world of digital media.

Three years ago Hyper Island went from the numbered crew concept to labeling classes with abbreviations, ordered by completion year and location. This ended a fine tradition. A tradition in which we would have been the 15th crew, instead of our current label DM11KNA, Digital Media 11 Karlskrona.

We felt that the crew tradition carried a great brand value and we wanted to rebrand the crew concept and salvage some of the value, so we created the secret Hyper Island Order and the 15th Chapter.

This project was a huge one with 36 people involved, many ideas and thoughts at the same time, do's and dont's, and pros and cons. When the structure was set, the concept clear, and the module was over we all worked on the XV project parallel to the other modules. On April 15th we opened the invitation site where only the invited people could see who we were. Then on May 15th we launched the whole site with a party at SidLee's office in Amsterdam.

My Role
I was in the process from day one to the release starting in the concept group were we listened to all the ideas the class had and then we created the perfect concept that visualized who we are and what we stand for. I was also the producer of the promotion group. This group created three different send-outs with riddles and clues, which were sent to people around the world.

As the Brand Manger I did two specific things other then looking after our brand. I made sure our Latin translation inside of the logo was correct. It says "Qui ex insula veniunt" which means: they who come from the island. I also created the codes for the invite site. This was a very critical stage where each person got a personal code, and where this code would activate a logo when logged in.

Project: What is XV?
Role: Concept, Brand Manager, Producer