Stena Line - SGK

During the module Industry Project the class was divided into three teams of 12 and we where then to practice how it is to work as an agency. My team got 3 clients to work with during these five weeks, and I got on the Stena Line-project.

Create a campaign site for Stena Line Gothenburg – Kiel that will present the launch of the new ships. A site that gives the market a preview of the rebuilding of the ships and what they can expect when they arrive. 

Time was a challenge, but with good team work and a good timeline we helped each other. To keep a good and clear communication is always a challenge, with the client and all the other parties involved, but also inside of the group. We manage this with constant updates via email and phone calls, and internal check-in and check-outs.

This was a really fun project with many challenges, a few changes on the road, and insight after insight. I learn so much from client needs, timelines, and deadlines, to communication, and team work.

We got a good idea of what the client wanted after the first meeting. We were supposed to get a 3D model to work with so we wanted to put the focus around that. A model we ended up getting the last minute. But even though this was stressful we enjoyed working together, we just changed the structure a little and worked on the things we could.

My Role
My role in this project was designer. Together with Alexander Gårdenberg I created sketches and layouts for the site and icones for the navigation. I was also the one with the client contact.

Client: Stena Line
Role: Designer, Client contact