I worked on this project during the final project at Hyper Island.

How to make Lokas's Facebook page more attractive to their target group. 

Our strategy was to create a place where Loka and its flavors could be in focus. We wanted to connect Loka.nu with their Facebook page instead of just focusing on Facebook. We believe Facebook is so much more than what's inside the frames of Facebook. There was never a question about if Loka should or shouldn't be on Facebook since 35% of the Swedes log in daily, and 80% of the 20-30 yearolds are members. We started to research what engaged people when it comes to Loka, and we saw a strong commitment to Loka's different flavors. First we thought this was to obvious and tried to find something else. But every time we found something, it took us back to the flavors.

We created one Facebook page for each flavor, and on Lokas main Facebook page we gathered them all. Here you can see how many of your friends like Loka, and what flavors they like. We also took this outside of Facebook and back to Loka.nu, where the main site visually presents the same stats.

My Role
For this project I worked on both concept and design.

Josue Motta, Ola Syse, Sandra Svensson, and Christoffer Erneholm

Client: Loka
Agency: Digitas
Role: Concept and Designer
Project: Social media stategy