Stena Line - Ledighet de Luxe

During the module Industry Project the class was divided into three teams of 12 and we where then to practice how it is to work as an agency. My team got 3 clients to work with during these five weeks, and I was on the Stena Line-project.

Create a campaign site for Stena Line Karlskrona - Gdynia that will present the launch of the new ships.

We created this site with focus and the feeling of sea and relaxation. We also created a more interactive part on the site where you as a user can blow real confetti in the Stena Line passenger lounge, just by blow in your microphone where ever in the world you are. After only a few days online the site was voted to FWA's shortlist.

We worked on this site in two parts. During the Industry Project module the strategy, the concept, and the design was finished. Then after the summer the confetti machine was built and the site was developed and launched.

My Role
My role in this project was designer. Together with Alexander Gårdenberg I created sketches and layouts for the site.

Client: Stena Line
Role: Designer