Keep Calm and Carry On


SHAPE TYPE – a letter shaping game crafted by Mark MacKay for Method of Action


KERNTYPE – a kerning game crafted by Mark MacKay for Method of Action

Thinking with Type

I found this website through my friend and classmate Nina Amjadi’s blog. It is a great site for typography. Everything you want to know from anatomy, to kerning, to typeface design is here.

Inspiration: Web layout

I have started answering the questions for the analysis of my portfolio, but as a break I’m now searching for some nice layouts for inspiration. I love the typography on these three websites and the playfulness with element and color. I find the white background very suitable for the sites as well.

To Nathalie


Last week at Patrick Sundqvist’s lecture we were suppose to take the first letter of our last names and place it in a square 18×18 cm. The only to criteria was to find a balance between the letter and the white space, and that the letter should be recognizable. I got inspired by this and thought I wold do some small paintings for my apartment. But first I created some more squares in illustrator…

Lecture: Patrick Sundqvist

Today Patrick had a lecture and workshop with us in Typography. He told us all the basic stuff about counter, ascender, descender, stem, etc. He also gave us a little of Typography history and the history of typefaces.