America’s Finest City



Today is my birthday. I don’t really feel any older, but I do wish I could stay 28 for just another year. 29 scares me a little, so close to 30 and that scares me even more. I’m at my moms place and my family woke me up with breakfast and a song, that is the tradition here. I realized I haven’t had my birthday at home since 2004, right before I moved to San Diego, so that means a lot to my mom. It is nice to be home.

April Fool’s

April 1st today, and who knows what the web will bring us. Hopefully all kinds of craziness. The joke above is from 2008, but it is my favorite. Helvetica Serif, I love it. I remember in 2008 when I saw it. I was working at Gumey in San Diego and Mike, Adam, and I couldn’t stop laughing about it.