Beyond Borders

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Beyond Borders, TEDxGöteborg event.

Inspiration…I don’t think so

Inspiration can mean so many things, and can come from so many places. Music, people, other design. Yes, I’m talking about inspiration regarding design. I love looking at other peoples design, to see what I like, try to answer WHY I like it and then work on my own personal style. But to some people I guess inspiration means a whole other thing. We could call it copying. Or maybe cloning. Or just plain rip off.

Take a look at the Stena Line project I worked on a few months ago together with some of my classmates from Hyper Island here. And then check this out

Crazy, isn’t it?

Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið

I followed a link and came to this music video, and it made me so happy. I first saw this video a couple of months ago, but I had forgotten about it. I think it is so beautiful, love the color/smoke, and the music is wonderful. The music is made by Ólafur Arnalds.

Lucy McRae

Today Lucy McRae had a lecture at Hyper Island. She is an amazing artist/designer and her lecture was just as inspiring as last year. She showed us pictures from some of her work, and told us about the projects she has done together with Robyn. I can’t wait to see the album cover for Body talk pt.3.


Here are two motions that Dvein has made. I saw them during the OFFF 2010 presentation and was amazed.

OFFF day #2

This day started off fantastic. Hoss Gifford spoke, and what I thought would be a speech about actionscript 2 it was a speech just filled with inspirational insights. Hoss talked about making mistakes, how and why to pick your battles, peter principle (“in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”), to-do lists vs. projects, learn the tools, learn to re-factor, and to make beautiful defaults. Really really great.
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I’m looking through some of my bookmarks and I have found some good oldies. Favorite sites that I once looked at all the time for inspiration. Below you see the website of painter Audrey Kawasaki. I love her paintings and that she paints on wood panels. I also found the eboy Blog with amazing pixel art design and Yulia Brodskaya‘s portfolio where she show case her paper graphics. Incredible.

Workshop: Matte Painting

Yay, we had our first workshop in a really long time today and is was very inspiring. Andreas Kleiner, Johan Rosell, and Rasmus Stenbergh had the suggestion last week to bring back the workshops since that makes the class grow. So today Andreas had made a keynote and had a workshop with us in matte painting. So much fun. And I learned a lot. Andreas ended the session with a clip from Dylan Cole, and below you can see it as well. Amazing work!

Lecture: Rama Allen

Rama Allen from Digital Kitchen was here today and talked about his personal process and how DK works and  theories on being creative and how he pitch. Rama was one of the creatives who Daniel and I shadowed (worked for) while being in New York in the beginning of February. So very fun meeting him again.

“it get worse”

“stupid but nice”

“no rocket science”

“fail big + fail often”

A question Rama always gets is what applications he uses and which one is his favorite. He said he uses all the programs we do, no big deal. Everyone can learn a program. But the first thing Rama does after getting a brief is to create a playlist in iTunes, and then he writes. Writes words, sentences, everything and anything. For this he uses Everynote. A program I started to use a year ago or so…a really good one I think.

We went through the whole True Blood title project. How DK did the research, how they prepared the shoot lots, and how the same list got thrown out the window. Step by step and the overall experience and learnings from it. We also saw the cases for New Balance – show making, and Microsoft – MindQuest.

Rama is very inspiring in what he does, how he does it and how he talks about it. He started at DK ten years ago as an interns. Before DK he went to The Art Institute, just as I did. I really recognized some things he said about the school and it is really different from Hyper Island.

Book: Perfect Pitch

I’m reading Perfect Pitch by Jon Steel and I love it. I love every chapter, every page, every sentence. When I’m reading about a case it feels like I’m there, and I can really relate to all the tips and take with me. There is a lot of information, but I will sure try to remember it all.

I really like chapter 4 when talking about a five-step program.
step 1: Grazing
step 2: Looking for Meaning
step 3: Drop it
step 4: Adapt and Distill
step 5: Writing the Presentation

Reading about step three was very interesting. Drop it was related to finding connections between what you have prepared. But instead of you thinking about it you should let your unconscious do it for you. So sleep, go to the gym, or go shopping. It is when you don’t think about your design/account/presentation that your mind does the work for you.

I have a notepad next to my bed, because I always get ideas right before I fall asleep. And I love running. That really clears my mind, and I see things for other perspectives. It is kind of cool when it happens. And really cool reading about it.

Inspiration: Web layout

I have started answering the questions for the analysis of my portfolio, but as a break I’m now searching for some nice layouts for inspiration. I love the typography on these three websites and the playfulness with element and color. I find the white background very suitable for the sites as well.

Lecture: Henrik Engdahl

Design is problem solving, and process is something happening over time. So design process is problem solving over time, that is what Henrik Engdahl said today at the lecture at Hyper Island. Henrik works as a designer at Doberman and is a former Hyper Island student, crew8.

Instead of a linear design process Henrik is working after an interative process, which means he is constantly testing his ideas. He says “Fail early to succeed sooner” is his motto, and I think I’ll adapt that. I know this is what Hyper is all about so maybe it is time to actually allow myself to fail. It can’t be to bad. And if doing it this way, the result will still always be good (if not even best).

Henrik also told us about different methods he is using during the design process, like personas and scenarios. It is very important to know your target group, how they live and what they do but it is also important to know what they want and how they want it. Mood board, designmaps, focus groups, prototyping and user testing were other methods he talked about. And in the end of the lecture Henrik told us about the design process when working with SVT play.

Ballons, papers, and much more

We just had a lecture with Lucy McRae here at Hyper Island – Karlskrona and it was such a great lecture. Lucy is really talented and creative and she is an inspiration for photography, color theory, and fashion.

Lucy has been working for PHILIPS, but on the side she worked on different photo projects together with a friend. These photos are amazing. They worked together one day a week, where they spent the first half day to preparation, then the photo shoot took place, and then the clean up. And if you watch the photos (and you should), you can imagine the mess they did.