Beyond Borders

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Beyond Borders, TEDxGöteborg event.

OFFF 2011

The first confirmations for OFFF Barcelona 2011:

- Rob Chiu (3 days workshop)
- Multitouch Barcelona
- Mr. Kone
- Post Panic
- Si Scott
- Marian Bantjes
- Han Hoogerbrugge
- Vincent Morisset
- Nick Campbell a.k.a. Greyscalegorilla
- Design is Dead
- Falk and Suns
- Hort
- Eboy
- House Industries
- Jon Burgeman
- Nick Banks from This Is Real Art
- Erik Spiekermann
- Sander Plug
- Geoff McFetridge
- Joshua Davis
- Russian Creative Panel with Evgeny Kiselev, Vladimir Tomin and Arseny Vesnin

In Paris

I’m now in Paris and I have this strange feeling. In a really good way. I’m in great company with some of my class mates, I am super excited about tomorrow when the first day of OFFF2010 is, at the same time I have now idea what to expect. What will I see, hear, and who will I meet?
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Networking at ARNY

Today was the ARNY meetup and it was really interesting listening to the speakers and they presented some cool games and some “still at the lab” projects. At the end people could pronounce if they had something to share. One woman told us what she was working on and that she wanted to get connected to people that could help her, and a man told us about his work. Daniel then stood up and said that we were from Hyper Island and that we would like to talk to people about lecturing. Almost all of them knew about Hyper Island and were very interested in talking to us.

The whole event was very cool, and meeting new people is always fun.

Fi on Thursday

I just got a phone call from Fi and Daniel and I are invited to the event on Thursday. Very cool! Now I just need to read some more about Ajax so that I have somewhat of an overview of what they will be talking about….

“The SEO Wars: Flash vs. Ajax”

Fi are having an event next Thursday and I’ve emailed them to see if Daniel and I can come. The event is called “The SEO Wars: Flash vs. Ajax”. I think this could be very interesting, and it would be super exciting to meet some people from Fi.

The presentation will give a brief introduction to SEO in general, outline the related problems that Flash and Ajax developers usually encounter and what methods (and dark Voodoo magic) you can use to make Google happy with either technology.

We look forward to having you come join the discussion; Beers and pizza are on us!
The first 30 people to reply with a confirmation and their contact info will be admitted to join the Fi team in their discussion.

Hopefully we are two of them 30.