The Creative Confessional

creative confessional


Check out this Creative Confessional. Some sins are pretty messed up, but still fun.

Long day

Monday today and I knew it would be a good day at the office. Great seeing everyone again after the holiday and super fun to more aware of what is going on at GoldRun. I cam to the office a little before 10:30am and I was home around 11:30pm…so it was somewhat a long day. Shai (VP, creative) is speaking at an event tomorrow, so me and another guy stayed late to prepare the slides for the presentation.

Now I’m ready to go to bed after once again looking at the Empire State Building right outside my window. I’ll for sure miss this view, but I’m very excited about sleeping in my own room tomorrow night.

Super Mario Cake

To celebrate our friend Masse’s birthday, Ola, Josue, and I made a Super Mario Cake. 6 layers with strawberries, banana, and kiwi, and a massive Super Mario on top created out of marzipan.

DK – day 3

Today we got introduced to another project. Really really exciting, and really huge. We started the day with finishing up the two ideas we presented yesterday. Since we presented Hyper Island-style with A1 paper and lots of post-its we needed to create a digital version too.

Before lunch we met with one of the producers Murphy, and had a phone conference with Ben, Creative, where he told us about the new project. (The reason he wasn’t at the office? Snow storm and chaos in New York.) We talked about it a little; what we wanted to do, how we will research and what direction we will go. Then we went home. Clock being 5:30pm so not to early, but we needed some time away to create the focus for this new project.

Workshop: Daniel “IKAROZ” Diaz


Today was the best day at Hyper Island by far. Daniel Diaz came and had a workshop in Graffiti with us. He is a great artist and a super cool guy. You can read his blog here. Daniel had art boards, canvases, paint, caps, pens and other stuff with him and we got to create our own art.

First Daniel showed us some of his stuff from 1990 to now, and it was really cool to see his style change and transform. It was also fun to hear some of the stories behind an art piece.

After this it was time for us to create groups of four. My group = Alexander, Theo, Tomas and I. We all painted the background, and while getting dry we drew our cut outs. It was really fun drawing. I used to draw more when I lived in San Diego, but I definitely feel like it is time to pick it up again.

I haven’t seen the class this excited in a long time, and we haven’t been working this well together in…never I think. Everyone was happy. No computers involved, it was just us being creative with pen and paper, and then spray paint.