Emergency Compliment

emergency compliment



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Painting Reality

500 liters of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint on asphalt spread by 2000 cars.
2010 Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin


I just came a cross this company called Colossal, and when looking at their art I realize that I’ve seen tons of it already. This media group creates hand-painted murals. The image above is one of them, and it is also from where I take the subway in the mornings. I’ve see many ads for H&M around the city, and also the Banksy paintings. Really cool stuff.


Yesterday after work I want to MoMA together with Nina, Theo, and Ludwig. I’ve been there before, but I always enjoy going there. The paintings, the art, the photographs, the sculptures, and the movies are all so interesting/beautiful/fun/crazy. I love how you on the first floor can see a lighter on a shelf, and on the forth in the same museum you can see a Picasso painting.

Art & Design

Last night I went to a party on Broadway, between Prince and Spring. It was like an art show, where six people show cased their art and photography. Music was playing, wine was served, and lots of people were having a good time.

The whole place was very inspirational, and the people too. I talked to one guy who is working with music and he told me about the art of surround sound. How to create what we hear in real life and how we hear it. Very interesting. Another guy wanted me to teach him photoshop, and he will then teach me final cut pro. Cool.


I’m working from home tonight and while taking a break I looked through some discs from ComputerArts. I went through the folder “showcase” and it is so inspiring to see all the art, design, and reels. Here are some I really like :

Qube Konstrukt
Jessica Walsh
Nikki Farquharson

Saturday at MoMA, NYC

I’m so amazed with everything I saw today at the Tim Burton exhibition at MoMA. So many sketches, drawings, poems, movies, stop motions, figures, and clothing. Amazing. I don’t know how long we were walking around there, but it felt like hours and I seemed to find new things and art all the time. It was kind of crowded, but still fine because everyone was all into it. Families with children were there as well, and I could really recognize the impressiveness and joy the kids expressed.I felt the same way.

I found the image above on this blog.