The Agency Pronunciation Guide


If you are in the design/advertising industry and you will be in Stockholm on 31st May 2011, you should rsvp for the event Flirt! There will be a bunch of Hyper Island students, speakers, drinks, and music. Sounds like a good time to me.

Social Media

Nice vintage-style ads for social-media sites, such as “Twitter: The sublime, mighty community with just 140 letters!” The tagline on the second page of each spread is: “Everything changes fast. Update.”

Agency: Moma, Brazilian

Dos and Dont’s

DM11KNA just had an intense 30 minute lecture about Dos and Don’t regarding portfolio with Joy-Ann and Jasper from Amsterdam Worldwide. Joy-Ann is the copywriter and Jasper is the Art Director. They had asked people of different positions at Amsterdam Worldwide for their personal dos and don’ts when it comes to portfolios.

Here are some of the advice we got:

only show work you are passionate about
show it even if it isn’t produced
treat your work with care – no low resolution and CMYK
show progression
have CV+contact available
be straight forward
give a clear view of what you are – designer, copywriter, illustrator etc.

limit your work to what you think the agency wants to see
“borrow” work
wait with updating your portfolio
include irrelevant stuff – no hobbies!
show a static image of an interactive piece