Breakout Kings

GoldRun has a new run up – Breakout Kings. Virtual cons are on the loose in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Find and capture (take a picture) for a chance to win the Catch a Con Sweepstakes.

Read more about the run on A&E’s site.

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Shazam + Old Navy

I sat and watched TV and the commercial for Old Navy came on. In the lower right corner the shazam logo appeared, so I shazamed the song. After a few seconds I got to a page where I could claim the jeans, shop the look, download the song, check out the video, and learn more about the featured Old Navy bands, such as Audio Threadz. This is really cool and such a great idea. Will be interesting to see what other brands will tag along with Shazam in the future.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Hyper Island Meet Up

Fashion 2.0 Awards

GoldRun is nominated at the Fashion 2.0 Awards, and the event is tonight. We are all (Lucy, Tiff, Shai, and I) going. Will be fun.

Nike+ Screensaver

Today I got this nice screensaver from Nike+. Thank you very much.

Happy ♥ Day

I’m glad there are options out there. Which cupid will you pick? Above you see some variations made by Ji Lee.


I just came a cross this company called Colossal, and when looking at their art I realize that I’ve seen tons of it already. This media group creates hand-painted murals. The image above is one of them, and it is also from where I take the subway in the mornings. I’ve see many ads for H&M around the city, and also the Banksy paintings. Really cool stuff.

M&M’s Space Heroes

This is so much fun! Drag the spaceship to you bookmark bar and then go to any website and shot at the content with m&m’s. Great work by BBDO Denmark.

The Force

One of the best commercials from the Super Bowl XLV yesterday.

Super Bowl XLV

Last night I watched Super Bowl “the biggest advertising event in the world. Sometimes they also showed some football.” (Like my friend Nina put it) There was a lot of great commercials, some kinda bad, and many new movie trailers. If you haven’t seen them either click the image above or go here.


Yesterday after work I want to MoMA together with Nina, Theo, and Ludwig. I’ve been there before, but I always enjoy going there. The paintings, the art, the photographs, the sculptures, and the movies are all so interesting/beautiful/fun/crazy. I love how you on the first floor can see a lighter on a shelf, and on the forth in the same museum you can see a Picasso painting.


Tonight Tronic has a party in SoHo. Food, drinks, screenings of Tronic’s work and lots of people. I can’t wait.


Another piece in my portfolio.

WeSC – Metrogaining

I added one piece to my portfolio. This is a concept I worked on during my final project at Hyper Island. You can read more about it here. It’s funny that I just realized that this would be a perfect run for GoldRun. So when we launch in Europe, I think this would be a great idea for the same client…

Before GoldRun

I just realized that before I came to my internship at GoldRun I actually created a run! My group and I created a game for one of our clients during the final project at Hyper Island where people would go to different check points that would lead them to a release event. How cool is that. I’m updating my portfolio now, so soon you will see what I’m talking about.