Workshop: Digital Recruitment

Hussain Kabani, the Diploma Director, was at Hyper Island, Karlskrona today to have a workshop with us. We where to idea develop around the subject “digital recruitment”. Today the international students of Hyper Island needs to travel to meet someone from Hyper Island to have their interview, and tasks. However it is a digital school, and this might not be the best way now days. So we talked about the process how it is today, the different steps and what Hyper Island is looking for. Very interesting, since this is a question we (the students) often ask.

We got split up into two groups and both groups where kind of on the same track with the ideas we presented. If the things we said would be build and produced it would be very cool, and I think Hyper Island would have way more applicants because of it.

Arts & Craft

Dr. Lori Kent was here today and we had a very different lecture and workshop. Different in the way that she didn’t come from an agency and talked to us about the industry. Instead she showed us paintings and videos where we would think of where the creativity comes from.

“all the you can imagine, you already know”

We split up in groups of four-five and got one bag eache with different content and some instructions. My group where to paint. To paint, using anything but a brush. And we where supose to think like a six year old. Very interesting, and much much fun. The other groups made trophies to each other, created what heaven would look like, and hand puppets.

Workshop: Matte Painting

Yay, we had our first workshop in a really long time today and is was very inspiring. Andreas Kleiner, Johan Rosell, and Rasmus Stenbergh had the suggestion last week to bring back the workshops since that makes the class grow. So today Andreas had made a keynote and had a workshop with us in matte painting. So much fun. And I learned a lot. Andreas ended the session with a clip from Dylan Cole, and below you can see it as well. Amazing work!


I helped out at a Master Class here at Hyper Island, Karlskrona today. It was very fun to be a part of this, since it’s becoming such a big part of Hyper Island. This class started yesterday and will go on until Sunday (when I’ll help out again). Yesterday they presented themselves and today they worked on idea development. So I was with one of the groups and worked with them on a brief that we got. Very fun, especially since I like this phase with brainstorming and idea developing.

After this session I stayed and listened to Robin Salazar, from Britny, who talked about the digital project process. Very interesting and fun to be included in this workshop as well. We talked about five different stages of the digital project process being 1) gathering information 2) strategy 3) create 4) produce and 5) launch. We also talked about mistakes that can take place in these stages.

-If you use Twitter you can search for #himc (Hyper Island Master Class) to see the tweets.

Workshop: RealFlow

Elias Widerdal and Sam Brandhildh had a workshop in RealFlow today at 3pm. I wasn’t sure if I was going, since I had never really opened Cinema 4D before, yet not worked in it by myself. And RealFlow? But I did go and it was really fun.

I got a demo version of RealFlow and with some help I think I did pretty good. What we did was working with the particles and different types of liquid.

When I got home I created this movie below. I’m quite proud. Like I said, I’ve never worked in Cinema 4D or with RealFlow before. Nor have I rendered a movie.

Workshop: Malin + Tobias

Today and tomorrow we will have a workshop with Malin and Tobias who work as a creative team and they are also Hyper Island graduates. They are here to talk about “How to create relevant and interesting ideas for brands and products” and the first thing we got to do was to watch a commercial, but we didn’t get to see the last two seconds. So with that endless commercial we got into our groups and tried to think of three brands or services.

We got fifteen minutes for this assignment. I thought it would be hard, but after a few minutes we got seven potential outcomes. And that was also the point proven. You don’t want to create a commercial with just a memorable tune and a cool video if the message is in the last two seconds, since it is then so easy to miss.

They talked about “above the line” and “below the line”, and that something interesting and relevant almost always will create something awesome. They also gave us a few tips.

1) keep it simple stupid
2) digital is harder than traditional advertising
3) talk to the nerds
4) don’t start with the micro-site
5) everybody online isn’t a digital native
6) you can actually do more than funny

During the workshop we were also to find the brand character for four different brands. Think “Hi I’m Mac, and I’m PC”. My group got Heineken, and we created Mark 28 years old. Born and raised in Amsterdam, degree from London, living and working in New york.

We ended the workshop with getting a fictional brief. My group continued to work with Heineken, and the objective was that they are launching a new can under the name Heineken Worldwide. We brainstormed for an hour and will work more on it tomorrow. So to be continued…

Workshop: Emil Rosen

At today’s workshop Emil Rosen showed us one and two point perspective. He also had us draw some fast drawings just to find he shape of stuff, and then we finished the day with some color theory.

I’ve taken both the classes Proportion and perspective and Color theory at The Art Institute of California – San Diego, but it was nice with a reminder. Like I said the other day, it is really fun drawing and I’m happy to get back into it.

Workshop: Daniel “IKAROZ” Diaz


Today was the best day at Hyper Island by far. Daniel Diaz came and had a workshop in Graffiti with us. He is a great artist and a super cool guy. You can read his blog here. Daniel had art boards, canvases, paint, caps, pens and other stuff with him and we got to create our own art.

First Daniel showed us some of his stuff from 1990 to now, and it was really cool to see his style change and transform. It was also fun to hear some of the stories behind an art piece.

After this it was time for us to create groups of four. My group = Alexander, Theo, Tomas and I. We all painted the background, and while getting dry we drew our cut outs. It was really fun drawing. I used to draw more when I lived in San Diego, but I definitely feel like it is time to pick it up again.

I haven’t seen the class this excited in a long time, and we haven’t been working this well together in…never I think. Everyone was happy. No computers involved, it was just us being creative with pen and paper, and then spray paint.

Workshop: Ingemar Pettsersson

Idea developing, Lotus

Ingmar Pettersson was at Hyper Island today and helped us idea develop for our new project. We are suppose to create a business plan for something digital and innovative. With no concrete brief this was really hard. My group made it harder as well since we all want to create something fantastic.

We started of with writing some really bad ideas. This was the plan for coming up with about 1000 ideas before lunch. And these ideas were pretty bad I would say, because I’m sure people would actually pay us for not continuing the development on some of them. After writing these we looked them over again to see if we maybe could create something good out of them. Some became not as bad, but some ideas took some cool turnes.

After working on these two methods Ingemar presented the Lotus Flower, where you write the main idea (in this case Digital Media) in the middle of one paper and surrounds it with new ideas, which you later add to new papers in the middle of them. See the image below and hopefully you’ll understand. It’s like a brainstorming map, but more organized into squares. The whole day was great and we really did com up with more then 1000 ideas.

Networking online (and offline)

People from Digital Media and Motion have been asking me to help them with Twitter. I don’t know everything there is to know about Twitter, but I’ve had my account for a while now and I know why and how I’m using it. So of course I’ll share that with them. They also say that I’m very good at networking and that they want to know my secrets. So I’m gonna have a workshop next week on Saturday at 3pm.

It’s a little scary but also cool. I love to help, and I love to share. I don’t know how many people will show but I’m gonna talk about Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, and blogging. I’ll see if there are more things I can think of, but that’s a good start.

Workshop: Adobe After Effects

Fredrik and Simon had a workshop in Adobe After Effects today. I like how people in both Digital Media and Motion are taking the initiative to have workshops. It’s really cool how we are helping each other and sharing the knowledge we have.

I loved the class Motion Graphics when I took it at the Ai, so I have some basics in AE but there are so much more I want to learn. This workshop was a great start and I learned tons of stuff. Everyone just wanted to know everything at ones so the workshop lasted for three hours. Hopefully we’ll have other sessions as well.

Workshop: Basic HTML/CSS

Today Daniel and Theo had a Basic HTML/CSS Workshop. I know the basic for HTML and I’ve been working a little with CSS, but not in the way of writing them from scratch. They both did a great job and we all walk out of the workshop with a mini website. My website was pink and green and blue and gray. Not so pretty, or even cool, but good for seeing the different CSS blocks.

They are having another workshop again next week where we are working some more with the CSS coding. I’m very excited.