Another piece in my portfolio.

Before GoldRun

I just realized that before I came to my internship at GoldRun I actually created a run! My group and I created a game for one of our clients during the final project at Hyper Island where people would go to different check points that would lead them to a release event. How cool is that. I’m updating my portfolio now, so soon you will see what I’m talking about.

FP presentation

It’s time for the Final Project presentation and I’m having mine from home over Skype. I have only been away from Hyper Island for four days, but honestly I miss it already. I miss my classmates alot. It’s been some good five weeks and I got really good response for the work I have done.

Beautiful Wonder

Here is another photoshop illustration I created. I really like the simplicity and the colors in this piece. I wanted to have the woman in focus, at the same time I wanted the piece to be somewhat playful.

Illustration #1

Here is a piece I have worked on in Photoshop. I’ve been playing a little with outer glow, messed with the background a little, and put some details on the girl. Turned out pretty good for the amount of time I spent on it.

Little time left

It is November and this will be a busy month. I have three more weeks on the final project before the presentation, I will move from Karlskrona, and I will start my internship at Tronic in New York. Very exciting things.

Below is a breakdown on the important dates.

4th – Lecture with Pixar
5th – Hyper Cruise
8th – Flight to Stockholm
9th – Appointment at the Embassy
13th – Leaving Karlskrona
17th – Presentation of final project
19th – Moving to NYC
22nd – First day at Tronic

Polygons, lattice, CV curve

Edge loop, polygons, lattice, CV curve, extrude, sculpt geometry, and much more….that is parts of what I’m learning in Maya. Above is an image of a 3D model I’m working on and I can’t wait to see the final piece.

Not Right

Week two already. I’m at home working in Maya and I really like it. I have some tutorials that I work with, and I feel that with the basics that I have from Cinema 4D this is really working great for me. I do have one strange thing though, and that is that my Channel box is not in English like the rest of the menus. It seems like it’s maybe Arabic(?). Annoying for sure, since I have to guess every time I’m using it.

HI 10

New classes, new exhibition. It’s time for Exploring Animation & Technology 2010. October 30th between 11am – 4pm you can watch and interact with lots of amazing and cool installations at “Konferens Kobran” Telefonvägen 30 in Stockholm.


New letter – this time a B. I don’t think I’ll do all the letters in order, I just happen to pick B for this one.

Fresh start

I been thinking about cleaning my computer for a while now. And I have tried, but all the folders and documents still felt like a big mess. Then I thought about finally installing CS5 and some other programs, so why not upgrade the OS X as well. Yes, I still had Leopard. Not anymore though. Now I have Snow Leopard, CS5, and Cinema 4D R12. I’m still trying to get Maya 2011, but it seems more tricky than I though. Well, I’m now ready for my final project, part II.


I have started my Final Project at Hyper Island, and here is a little preview of what I will do during these five weeks. I will create some digital art, and to learn and explore new techniques I thought I could practice on the alphabet.


My group had a pitch today. We have been working on this brief for about a week, so it’s been quite hectic but a lot of fun. I can’t say who the client is nor what we worked on. We got some good feedback though and there was a lot of information that I’ll bring on to the next project.

Lecture: Nick Campbell

photo: Josue Motta

Nick Campbell (Greyscalegorilla) was here at Hyper Island today and had a lecture. He gave us a lot of insights, and it was both inspiring and motivating. For example he told us to learn the hard stuff, ask “why” not “how”, and to embrace constraints.

Final Project

First day back at Hyper Island, and we already got into groups and we got our client. I’m really happy with my group. For the next nine week I’ll be working with Ola Syse, Josue Motta, Sandra Svensson, and Christoffer Erneholm.

The client we got is LOKA, a Swedish sparkling water brand. We will also find a second client by ourselves. But it all feels very good. This will be a great Final Project.