Lucy McRae

Today Lucy McRae had a lecture at Hyper Island. She is an amazing artist/designer and her lecture was just as inspiring as last year. She showed us pictures from some of her work, and told us about the projects she has done together with Robyn. I can’t wait to see the album cover for Body talk pt.3.


When I saw this Open Innovation experiment video by  TAT I really wish I had gone to the lecture last Tuesday. Hampus Jakobsson from TAT was here at Hyper Island, Karlskrona and talked to the Mobile Application class.

Lecture: Nick Campbell

photo: Josue Motta

Nick Campbell (Greyscalegorilla) was here at Hyper Island today and had a lecture. He gave us a lot of insights, and it was both inspiring and motivating. For example he told us to learn the hard stuff, ask “why” not “how”, and to embrace constraints.


Compare yourself to the best.
- Nick Campbell, Greyscalegorilla

Sound Design: Dinahmoe

DinahMoe was at Hyper Island today and talked about interactive sound design. I couldn’t go, but I got some notes after the lecture on what they said. And they showed some case studies. Below are three case videos of websites where DinahMoe have created the sound.

Adidas – Teamgeist

Saab – Change Perspective

Doritos – Hotel 626
(Don’t watch this if you scare easily OR if you want to play the game. Then go to and make sure it is after 6pm)

Personal Needs

Last week I talked to Sara-Lee from DM10KNA and she told me that they had a lecturer last year who talked about personal needs and how to understand them. I thought that sounded very interesting so I looked it up to see what it would mean to me.

I thought I would find some articles or websites, but I actually found a .pdf that was called NeedLess Program. Whit this program I will 1) identify the needs, 2) understand how to get the needs met, and 3) design an effective system to have them vanish. Sounds good!

First thing, I have to choose 10 needs out of the 200 examples they have written down and then pick the four needs that I can’t live without. Kind of interesting to read all the 200, and to see how some words pop out right away and how I don’t really want other words to be a need.

This is how far I have come so now it is time for me to understand how I’ll get these needs met.


Dr. Lori Kent who were at Hyper Island last Tuesday also showed us this video. I now found it on YouTube and want to share it with you. It is a super cute video about a polar bear and a sled dog, and how the play together.

Arts & Craft

Dr. Lori Kent was here today and we had a very different lecture and workshop. Different in the way that she didn’t come from an agency and talked to us about the industry. Instead she showed us paintings and videos where we would think of where the creativity comes from.

“all the you can imagine, you already know”

We split up in groups of four-five and got one bag eache with different content and some instructions. My group where to paint. To paint, using anything but a brush. And we where supose to think like a six year old. Very interesting, and much much fun. The other groups made trophies to each other, created what heaven would look like, and hand puppets.

Lecture: Anna Nordell

Anna Nordell, from Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm had a lecture at Hyper Island today. She works as a planner and talked about the role and what she does for work. Anna said that a planner is a person that looks at peoples behavior, and hear their thoughts. A planner keeps track of the consumer and pin point trends.

The Future of Communication is:

This one is so cute.

Pretty cool…for being T-mobile!

Lecture: Rama Allen

Rama Allen from Digital Kitchen was here today and talked about his personal process and how DK works and  theories on being creative and how he pitch. Rama was one of the creatives who Daniel and I shadowed (worked for) while being in New York in the beginning of February. So very fun meeting him again.

“it get worse”

“stupid but nice”

“no rocket science”

“fail big + fail often”

A question Rama always gets is what applications he uses and which one is his favorite. He said he uses all the programs we do, no big deal. Everyone can learn a program. But the first thing Rama does after getting a brief is to create a playlist in iTunes, and then he writes. Writes words, sentences, everything and anything. For this he uses Everynote. A program I started to use a year ago or so…a really good one I think.

We went through the whole True Blood title project. How DK did the research, how they prepared the shoot lots, and how the same list got thrown out the window. Step by step and the overall experience and learnings from it. We also saw the cases for New Balance – show making, and Microsoft – MindQuest.

Rama is very inspiring in what he does, how he does it and how he talks about it. He started at DK ten years ago as an interns. Before DK he went to The Art Institute, just as I did. I really recognized some things he said about the school and it is really different from Hyper Island.

NYC – work shadowing

I’m in New York! Daniel Dominguez and I will do our work shadowing here for the Management/Strategy module. For two weeks we are following people in the digital media industry to get an insight of what they are doing and how they work.

On Monday we start at Digital Kitchen. They have two creative directors there, and Daniel and I will follow one each. This will be very interesting since we will get double the information. DK has projects like “True Blood”, and the one that I love “Designer Slash Model“. Rama Allen, on of the CDs is later coming to Hyper Island to lecture. So it will be cool to meet him already now.

This isn’t all. The second week we are shadowing two Swedish guys who work at R/GA as a creative team. This is exciting since both Daniel and I are very interesting in that way of working. More about this later next week.

(We are also mentioned on the Hyper Island blog.)

Lecture: Saher Sidhom

Today Saher Sidhom, from Great Works, was here talking to us about planning. (Great Work is and independent award-winning, full service digital marketing agency with offices in Barcelona, New York, Tokyo and Stockholm.)

Saher told us what planning was and how it has nothing to do with project management, even though the name could have you think so. A planner need to have the perspective of all people. He or she will make the creative strategic and the strategy creative.

Here are some of a planner’s favorite questions:
why is that?
how does it work?
why does it work?
why did they react like that?
what was the reason for that reaction?
what do the extreme users do?

A planner need to be keen to observing human nature. If no interest in people, there wont be any intuitions, and from that no insights. And the insights tend to come before the idea, so that means no ideas to work with at all.

There are two ways of thinking.
de-constructors – how does the world work today?
re-constructors – how could the world work tomorrow?

Saher was a really good speaker and such a cool guy. He had us find the target audience and their certain needs by looking at paintings such as “Goliath” by Caravaggio, and “Madonna & Child” by Emma Tooth. He had the class listen to each other which felt really good. Instead of judging the person, it was the ideas which were good or bad.

The lecture was an evening lecture starting at 5pm, but instead of ending at 8pm we went to Fox and Anchor for some AW and the discussion and questions continued.

Module: Promotion & Marketing

Next module is coming up and it is called Promotion and Marketing. During this module DM11KNA will work together as a full team and we are about to brand ourselves and get our name out there load and clear.

We will also have some lectures and workshops, and these are some of the people who is coming here:
- Thomas Reibke
- Saher Sidhom, planner from Great Works
- Malin Hanås and Tobias Boström from Blast Radius
- Laura Jordan Bambach from Lost Boys International
- Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla

Lecture: Karl Wikström

Karl Wikstrom

Image: Sandra Svensson

Never accept the problem the world throws at you.
Create more interesting ones instead.

Karl Wikström were here today and talked about creating better and more fun problems. He works as a planner at DDB in Stockholm and this was such  great lecture. He really pin pointed all my thoughts about my portfolio and what we are suppose to think about during Christmas and the next module.

The lecture was divided to three parts. First we looked at some case studies. Karl told us about the mean, the value, the end, and the strategy. After every part we got a task. For this one we changed the statement “have to make a portfolio” to “want to make a portfolio” and then we finished the sentence: I would like to create a portfolio because….

For the second part we went through 6 principles of interesting communication (see below) and how we could apply these to our portfolio.

- Create usefulness & value
- Find new contexts
- Create news people want to spread
- For a good cause
- Create engagement and interactivity
- Create a new product/medium

The third part was all about insights. What agencies want to see and what we should think of when creating the portfolio, when contacting people, and when branding ourselves. Here are some of the insights: “don’t be perfect, be personable“, “hiring is a group decision – support sharing“, and “you want to learn, but remember to teach as well

Dos and Dont’s

DM11KNA just had an intense 30 minute lecture about Dos and Don’t regarding portfolio with Joy-Ann and Jasper from Amsterdam Worldwide. Joy-Ann is the copywriter and Jasper is the Art Director. They had asked people of different positions at Amsterdam Worldwide for their personal dos and don’ts when it comes to portfolios.

Here are some of the advice we got:

only show work you are passionate about
show it even if it isn’t produced
treat your work with care – no low resolution and CMYK
show progression
have CV+contact available
be straight forward
give a clear view of what you are – designer, copywriter, illustrator etc.

limit your work to what you think the agency wants to see
“borrow” work
wait with updating your portfolio
include irrelevant stuff – no hobbies!
show a static image of an interactive piece