The Creative Confessional

creative confessional


Check out this Creative Confessional. Some sins are pretty messed up, but still fun.

Emergency Compliment

emergency compliment



“You’re as sweet as a can of artificially flavored diet soda.” If you need an emergency compliment, click here. And when you feel better, you can order the compliment as a print. Just click Thanks! I feel better, and you’ll get to Emergency Compliment’s webshop at society6.

Beyond Borders

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Beyond Borders, TEDxGöteborg event.

Keep Calm and Carry On

A New York City Timelapse

This is the city I love!

Chosen Moments

Amazing interactive music performance by Drasko Vucevic at the TEDxToronto.

Own A Colour

And help save a child’s life!

Musical spectrum analysis

Ung Cancer


This new thing from Wacom is amazing. I want one!

16bit – Dinosaurs


Wheel of Concept

Tribal DDB have created this awesome Wheel of Concept. So if you don’t have an idea ready for your next pitch, just type in the brand name and spin the wheel. You can then download a pdf with the concept.


The Google+ project was released today! To go to the site click here, of if you first want a tour, click here.