Internship Presentation

Graduation week has started in Karlskrona, and many of my classmates are back there. Today we all presented our learnings, and what we have done during these 7 months. Since Nina, Theo, Henrik, Alexander, John, and I are still in New York, we made a movie with our answers. Above is a screengrab from my interview, and the whole movie will be public shortly.

Graduation NYC

Here is another image from our Graduation party at Hyper Island NYC. DM11KNA, DM11STO, and IAD11STO….you can tell we are happy!


We had a pre-graduation party on Friday and it was awesome. Nina, Vanessa, and I had arranged with Nyper Island NYC so we could all gather there for some mingle, drinks and we also had a surprise for the other students. We made stars (as we have seen from the previous Karlskrona graduations), and everyone shared their best memory and what their plans are for the future, and then they got their star. We continued the night at White Slab together with YM and friends. We also went to one fifty one…and to Pianos. Yes it was a long night, and everyone had so much fun.

Beach Day

We got Memorial Day off from work, so Nina, Theo, Henrik, John and I went to Coney Island for the day. 31C and felt like 35C, a lot of people, and great times. In the afternoon we also got some footage for our Hyper Island Internship Presentation video.


If you are in the design/advertising industry and you will be in Stockholm on 31st May 2011, you should rsvp for the event Flirt! There will be a bunch of Hyper Island students, speakers, drinks, and music. Sounds like a good time to me.


I just emailed ASF to get a confirmation that they received my papers and documents, and the response I got was “yes, I received the email but I haven’t looked through the papers yet“. Hmm, I know my deadline was the 20th, and that isn’t the same date as for them to send it to the next person. But this makes me a little worried. What if something isn’t right, do I still have time to change it then???

Fingers crossed

It’s the 18th of May and we just sent all my papers to ASF. It feels really good to have two days until deadline, wich will give them, and me, time if something needs changes.

Next step

Below is a list of what ASF need from me and Your Majesty so that we can extend my J-1 visa:

• written explanation of why I need this extension
• Training/Internship Placement Plan, DS-7002
• verification that my insurance is paid
• letter of endorsement from Hyper Island
• payment of the ASF program fee

Deadline: May 20th

I’m so happy

I talked to James and Jens today about my work so far at Your Majesty. I’m so happy I made the transfer, and I really love designing. I only got good feedback from both of them and we all want me to stay. So tomorrow I’m gonna email ASF and ask what they need from us so they can extend my J-1 visa to November.

Design Squire

I’m featured on the Your Majesty website together with Tobias and Simon.


Intern Store

In seven days we are getting to know “The world’s first mobile grads – Available for internship in your area” It’s the class project of Mobile Application students from Hyper Island – Karlskrona. The video looks great, and I can’t wait to see the whole site/store.

Hyper Island Infographic

Above is an infographic that presents some of the hyper island student statistics. Pretty nice, don’t you think.

What is XV + AR

I was going to bed when I got an idea for a run. A little over a year ago my class and I was in the beginning of the Promotion and Marketing module. We were suppose to promote ourselves, the class, and Hyper Island. That was when “What is XV?” started. When we talked about how to get the industry people of design and advertising to notice us we joked about life size posters and cutouts.

Now since I’m working at GoldRun I can do this! I can create ARs of Masse Nisstany who is in Beijing and Ola Syse who is in Amsterdam, and place them right here in New York where I am. How cool is that.


My brother and his girlfriend Frida is coming to NYC in April to visit me. I’m really excited about this and it will be the second time my brother flies over here. I know it’s still a few more days, but it’s almost like I’m counting. So when my friend and classmate Theo Stråhlén created a countdown calculator/site and I just had to try it. Go to the site, and create your own. It’s super easy, you’ll get your own URL, plus the site is pretty sweet.