Beyond Borders

Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Beyond Borders, TEDxGöteborg event.

Robyn @ H&M

This weekend has been all about music. First Oh Land friday night at Brooklyn Bowl, then Governors Island Ball Music Festival, and today Robyn played some song at the 51st Street H&M store. Pretty cool. She is so amazing!

Governors Island Ball Music Festival 2011

I just got home after spending a day at Governors Island, and the Ball Music Festival 2011. I’m exhausted! Nina, Theo, and I went to the island at 12-ish, and Alex and Henrik got there around 2pm. So we where there for almost 12 hours. Lots and lots of people, and great music. Empire of the Sun and Girl Talk were my favorites.

Ryoji Ikeda “The Transfinite”

Yesterday nine people from Your Majesty went to the Ryoji Ikeda – The Transfinite installation, and it was pretty amazing. My photos doesn’t do it justice, and neither does this video. The installation is at the Park Avenue Armory, and will be open until June 11th.


We had a pre-graduation party on Friday and it was awesome. Nina, Vanessa, and I had arranged with Nyper Island NYC so we could all gather there for some mingle, drinks and we also had a surprise for the other students. We made stars (as we have seen from the previous Karlskrona graduations), and everyone shared their best memory and what their plans are for the future, and then they got their star. We continued the night at White Slab together with YM and friends. We also went to one fifty one…and to Pianos. Yes it was a long night, and everyone had so much fun.


If you are in the design/advertising industry and you will be in Stockholm on 31st May 2011, you should rsvp for the event Flirt! There will be a bunch of Hyper Island students, speakers, drinks, and music. Sounds like a good time to me.

Random Sunday

I was just up on my rooftop and there was a band playing and a man filming them. So cool. They seemed to have lots of fun, and the music was great.

F5 Titles – Out Takes

Buck created the opening titles of the F5 Festival together with Antfood and it goes in the theme of hand-sewn puppets, painted geometry, and full body spandex. It is really nice, and if you want to see the whole clip CLICK HERE. Above is the rated R Puppet Outtakes.

Directors: Buck
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Happy F5

What a great day! I went to have lunch with Ola at 1pm and when I get to Roseland Ballroom I don’t just se him but I also see Tiff, Sam, and Toros. We have lunch and instead of me going home, I get a pass to the F5 festival. So Ola and I could spend the whole afternoon and evening together, plus I got to see some really cool presentation.

CreativeMornings: Christoph Niemann

Here are two photos from the CreativeMorning event I was at yesterday. Christoph Niemann was speaking and it was really really inspiring. I’m so glad I’m back in New York so that I can go to these friday morning events Swiss Miss is arranging.

GoldRun at SxSW

Help Marc Ecko end corporal punishment, Track down Paul the alien for a chance to party with cast members Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen, or find TV On The Radio’s new album cover to enter a vinyl sweepstakes. GoldRun just launched three runs at South By Southwest, Paul On The Run, SxSW – TV on the Radio, and Unlimited Justice * at SxSW. So if you are there, download GoldRun.


My brother and his girlfriend Frida is coming to NYC in April to visit me. I’m really excited about this and it will be the second time my brother flies over here. I know it’s still a few more days, but it’s almost like I’m counting. So when my friend and classmate Theo Stråhlén created a countdown calculator/site and I just had to try it. Go to the site, and create your own. It’s super easy, you’ll get your own URL, plus the site is pretty sweet.

The Governors Ball

I’m so going! On June 18th Girl Talk and other pretty cool bands will be playing on Governors Island, New York City, at the Governors Ball Music Festival.

Hyper Island Meet Up

Fashion 2.0 Awards

GoldRun is nominated at the Fashion 2.0 Awards, and the event is tonight. We are all (Lucy, Tiff, Shai, and I) going. Will be fun.