The Creative Confessional

creative confessional


Check out this Creative Confessional. Some sins are pretty messed up, but still fun.

Emergency Compliment

emergency compliment



“You’re as sweet as a can of artificially flavored diet soda.” If you need an emergency compliment, click here. And when you feel better, you can order the compliment as a print. Just click Thanks! I feel better, and you’ll get to Emergency Compliment’s webshop at society6.

Form Follows Function


This is such a nice HTML5 gallery created by Jongmin Kim, I just have to share it. Check it out!

A/W 2012 by Jenny Grettve

A/W 2012 by Jenny Grettve

I love this collection by Jenny Grettve. Click here, to see all the clothes.

The Agency Pronunciation Guide