Me want! #vintage

I just stumbled on this VINTAGE TWINLADY handmade watch and I want it. I love the double band, the personal message, the colors, and the face of the watch.

Design Squire

I’m featured on the Your Majesty website together with Tobias and Simon.

F5 Titles – Out Takes

Buck created the opening titles of the F5 Festival together with Antfood and it goes in the theme of hand-sewn puppets, painted geometry, and full body spandex. It is really nice, and if you want to see the whole clip CLICK HERE. Above is the rated R Puppet Outtakes.

Directors: Buck
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Mac People – Infographic

Happy F5

What a great day! I went to have lunch with Ola at 1pm and when I get to Roseland Ballroom I don’t just se him but I also see Tiff, Sam, and Toros. We have lunch and instead of me going home, I get a pass to the F5 festival. So Ola and I could spend the whole afternoon and evening together, plus I got to see some really cool presentation.

CreativeMornings: Christoph Niemann

Here are two photos from the CreativeMorning event I was at yesterday. Christoph Niemann was speaking and it was really really inspiring. I’m so glad I’m back in New York so that I can go to these friday morning events Swiss Miss is arranging.


Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Magnum Pleasure Hunt might be the most amazing web experiens I’ve ever had. It’s a game where you collect chocolate treat, and you control this woman with your arrow key and space key. She will take you to different websites like YouTube, Spotify, and Tiger of Sweden, go through banners, and also drive a car. It’s pretty cool.

Creative agency: Lowe Brindfors
Art Directors: Patrik Westerdahl, Petter Lublin
Copywriter: Henrik Haeger
Strategy Director: Oscar Erlandsson
Account Director: Tina Jarlerud
Digital Producer: Lisa Flacké
Account Manager: Sofia Jönsson
Technical Producer: Tobias Löfgren
Designer: Ellinor Bjarnolf
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That can .be

I saw the site This can .be yesterday, but it took forever to load so I didn’t care about it. Then today, I happened to go to it again and this time it did work. It took me three clicks on the “get your next tweet” button to see something I liked. And even then I didn’t actually tweet it.

I think the tweet above is five or six of my past tweets combined.

Intern Store

In seven days we are getting to know “The world’s first mobile grads – Available for internship in your area” It’s the class project of Mobile Application students from Hyper Island – Karlskrona. The video looks great, and I can’t wait to see the whole site/store.

Hyper Island Infographic

Above is an infographic that presents some of the hyper island student statistics. Pretty nice, don’t you think.

Hacker on Times Square

I just found this video: Hacker Takes Over Times Square Using Homemade Transmitter And iPhone. Pretty cool. This one guy is taking over the screens at Time Square only using his iPhone and a homemade transmitter and repeater. I’m sure there will be more taking over screens after this.

Lillebror ♥

My brother and his girlfriend came to New York today. They will be staying with me for a week, and I’m very excited to have them here. Richard was here in 2008 and visited me but Frida hasn’t been to the U.S before, so I’m sure they will have some great days here.