Your Majesty

Third day at Your Majesty and I’m loving it. I got right into a project my first day and with three internal reviews we delivered some pieces to the client today. It feels really good to design, and I’m happy I took this opportunity. Thank you James and Jens.

I just have to share

When I see a website like this I just have to share. And please do click the links…

Team GoldRun

Here is the awesome GoldRun team, Shai, Austin, and Tiff (and Martin from Tronic)!

It’s my last day today, and I have some many feeling inside of me right now. It really has been a journey for me during these months. Do I want to design? Am I a good producer? Do I like the role producer? And the answer to all these three questions is YES. But that is also why I will continue my internship at Your Majesty, as a design intern. I’m so excited about this, yet it is bitter sweet to leave an amazing group of people and I have really fallen inlove with the app we are working with.

“Last Party”

Last night I was out with my co-workes from GoldRun and the guys from Tronic. What an epic night! First we went to the bar just around the corner from our studio, called Cafe 50 West (great place), and then we took three cabs and ended the night in Brooklyn. Good times.

Oh yeah, the reason for us going out is because this was my last week at GoldRun. I will work Monday too, but Friday made more sense to go out.

The Cool Hunter

Above is the video The Cool Hunter that the guys at Tronic directed and animated. Great job Sam, Joe, Fredi!

What is XV + AR

I was going to bed when I got an idea for a run. A little over a year ago my class and I was in the beginning of the Promotion and Marketing module. We were suppose to promote ourselves, the class, and Hyper Island. That was when “What is XV?” started. When we talked about how to get the industry people of design and advertising to notice us we joked about life size posters and cutouts.

Now since I’m working at GoldRun I can do this! I can create ARs of Masse Nisstany who is in Beijing and Ola Syse who is in Amsterdam, and place them right here in New York where I am. How cool is that.

GoldRun at SxSW

Help Marc Ecko end corporal punishment, Track down Paul the alien for a chance to party with cast members Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen, or find TV On The Radio’s new album cover to enter a vinyl sweepstakes. GoldRun just launched three runs at South By Southwest, Paul On The Run, SxSW – TV on the Radio, and Unlimited Justice * at SxSW. So if you are there, download GoldRun.


My brother and his girlfriend Frida is coming to NYC in April to visit me. I’m really excited about this and it will be the second time my brother flies over here. I know it’s still a few more days, but it’s almost like I’m counting. So when my friend and classmate Theo Stråhlén created a countdown calculator/site and I just had to try it. Go to the site, and create your own. It’s super easy, you’ll get your own URL, plus the site is pretty sweet.

The Governors Ball

I’m so going! On June 18th Girl Talk and other pretty cool bands will be playing on Governors Island, New York City, at the Governors Ball Music Festival.

Gray’s Papaya

I live on W 37th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, and the image above is my corner. I have used this corner as a landmark to know where to turn instead of looking at the street number. It’s just two things…they change the advertisement all the time, and now Grey’s Papaya that used to be there closed down. So when I was walking home in February and looked for the “the Dilemma” poster I realized that there was a big poster of Ken wanting Barbie back. And last Friday when I was walking home after a night out with the guys from Tronic I past my street and was all of a sudden on 38th St. So confusing. Hopefully they will keep this Paul ad for a while now.

Breakout Kings

GoldRun has a new run up – Breakout Kings. Virtual cons are on the loose in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Find and capture (take a picture) for a chance to win the Catch a Con Sweepstakes.

Read more about the run on A&E’s site.

Download GoldRun