Another piece in my portfolio.

WeSC – Metrogaining

I added one piece to my portfolio. This is a concept I worked on during my final project at Hyper Island. You can read more about it here. It’s funny that I just realized that this would be a perfect run for GoldRun. So when we launch in Europe, I think this would be a great idea for the same client…

Before GoldRun

I just realized that before I came to my internship at GoldRun I actually created a run! My group and I created a game for one of our clients during the final project at Hyper Island where people would go to different check points that would lead them to a release event. How cool is that. I’m updating my portfolio now, so soon you will see what I’m talking about.

What & How

This morning when I was running I turned the TV on. There was Obama speaking, I think it was from last Tuesday. Anyways. I saw him say (TV on mute, with subtitle) that we should ask every child “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and that every child should have the opportunity to be what ever they want.

I guess I’m not a child anymore, and I have gone through a few “what do I want to be”; hairdresser, police, lawyer, and so on. But now it is time for the ‘HOW’. Somewhat a very typical Hyper question. But “How will I move forward to become that I wanted?” that is a good question, and that is what I’m asking myself at the moment.

Status #9

With the official launch of the two Esquire runs, “Find Brooklyn Decker” and “the Logo Sweepstakes”, five client meetings, two conference calls, plus the Today Show, this has really been a great week. I really enjoy these meetings, to talk about GoldRun, and to see how a run would help extend their brand. And I learn more things about the app and it’s potential every day. It’s really exciting. Also, to hear the questions people have, makes me think about updates and the future.

And I have two things to kinda think about during the weekend regarding what will happen, and where to go…

TODAY Show 1/20/11

Today has been a really great day. At 8:00am I met Amanda at NBC, and we went to he control room to talk to the people I met with yesterday. Since I brought my computer to view the app, we needed clarifications so we could hook it up to the computer. A little stressful when the wi-fi connection didn’t go through at first, and then the signal didn’t go out. But the Esquire sequence wasn’t suppose to go on before 9:42, so we had some time. Read more »

iPhone + screensplitr

Today has been an exciting day. At 10am I found out that I would be the one to go over to NBC and TODAY Show to talk about tomorrow. Yes, GoldRun will be featured on TV. I showed them the app, how the Find Brooklyn Decker run works, and we talked about how it will be filmed. We also tried to connect my iPhone to their big screen TV. First I downloaded TVOut Genie, but this app only allows you to stream Google maps, photos and some more things. No use for us. So I left studio 1A, headed back to the office and spent the rest of the day researching how we could solve this. Still images isn’t that cool, and kinda ruins the user experience. Read more »

The “I” in Esquire

Above is an image from our next run, Esquire Logo Sweepstakes. This run is available in seven cities around the US, and each city has seven 3D letters located by really cool landmarks. In New York you will find them at Time Square, the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, in Central Park, NY stock exchange, and on Brooklyn Bridge. You can read more about the run here.

Download GoldRun here.

Find Brooklyn Decker

Yay, it is official, the run is live! Download GoldRun, go to any Barnes & Nobles in the US, and you will find Brooklyn Decker. She is the cover model of the Esquire February issue, and we made her into AR objects. With your iPhone, and through the app you can see her in the AR viewer, pose with her and get a photo of the two of you together.

This is a project I have been working on pretty much since my first day at GoldRun and it feels so great to now launch it. And nation wide – we have put Brooklyn Decker in over 700 Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

Torsk + Äggsås

I don’t cook that often (read: ever) but I love this website “Vad fan ska jag laga till middag?” Sorry for the Swedish, but it means kinda What the fuck should I make for dinner. It is so simple, and the recipes are pretty good. I found this one today, and it made me think about my grandpa. He makes the best cod in the world. And every Sunday my mom and the family have lunch/dinner together, so it made me miss them all a little bit.

Burton x VICE

Burton Snowboards and Vice Magazine present the opening party for the snowboarder/photographer Jim Mangan’s newly released photo-book Winter’s Children. The event will be at Milk Gallery. DJ sets by Peter Sutherland & Jon Santos and complimentary drinks from KRÜ 82 Vodka, this will be a great night!

Status #8

This week has really been crazy. I feel like I write that about every week. But this week I stayed until midnight three nights just because we had so much to do. With the two launches (that I keep telling you about) there has been tones to do. The two runs are finally done *hint hint* and the launch is on the 18th. I have spent a couple of hours to copy and past copy + longitude and latitude coordinates for several ARs to place them around the US. On Thursday Austin and I was out for a few hours to take photos of the city/the run for the upcoming press releases. We went to Time Square, the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge and to two stores. Great weather, fun day. Above is a photo from Brooklyn Bridge.


Today there was an article about GoldRun on Mashable.com. The article “Startup Adds Augmented Reality to Location-Based Marketing” is about GoldRun and tells you about past projects and upcoming ones. Since I haven’t really mentioned the upcoming project and what clients we work for, you can read about it here.

3 = Blowing you

You might not know what this title means, but 3 = blowing you, 1 = reading, 5 = smiling, 2 = looking, and 4 = hanging out. It is this run I’m working on, and the names of the the clues inside the run. If you are in New York, California and some other states here in the U.S. you could understand after downloading GoldRun.

The image above is from work. Today I have been looking through the footage from Friday’s video shoot, done some cutting in Final Cut Pro, and working on one of the runs we will launch on the 18th. Alot of cut and past for this part, and let my tell you there are a few Barnes & Nobles around the U.S…

And yes, it is me you see on GoldRun’s app store page.

Saturday night

Photo taken from one of the bars from last night out on Lower East Side.