Status #6

Again, there isn’t any #5 but this is the sixth week of my internship.

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, not to many people has been at the office. I have been working on a few projects, getting us up to speed for the following week. On Monday I got some assets for a project that is launching mid January that I’ve worked on. On Wednesday I found out that I will be on set for a video shoot next week, which is very exciting. I will also attend two client meetings next week.

I can’t wait until next week when Austin, Lucy, and Tiff is coming back. But first it is New Year’s Eve…so Happy 2011 to you all!


I just came back from the movie theater where I watched Tron: LEGACY. And not just that I saw it in IMAX 3D, amazing. I can’t even describe it. If you haven’t seen it yet, go! Above is the music video from Daft Punk’s Derezzed.

Idiot With A Tripod

Here is an amazing short film by Jamie Stuart documenting the Blizzard (December 26th, 2010) in Astoria, Queens.

Source: Gothamist

NYC blizzard

It’s been chaos in Europe because of the snow, and now it is coming to New York. There is a blizzard warning here at the moment. I love the snow, and I don’t mind some chaos. But the timing suck. My friend Ola has some time off from work, and it would have been so sweet if he could come over here for a visit. It is last minute, the flights are pretty expensive, and now most of the flights are even canceled. So no visit. I really hope to see him in end of January/beginning of February.

Merry Christmas

To all my friends and family,

From New York.


When I was younger and something bad/sad happened to me or when someone was being mean, my mom always told me to write them  letter. Not send it, but to write it down or tell someone what I would have written. Pretty much every time this made me feel better, since my mom could always get me in a better mood.

These letters always started with “Kära X, jag tycker faktiskt du ar dum!”, but here is one in English.

Dear USPS (The United States Post Service),

I seriously think there is something wrong with your system. My mom sent me a package over two weeks ago and I still haven’t received it. I know it can take long, and the package is traveling from Sweden. But you were at my place yesterday. This is what I don’t get. I live in an apartment with a front desk. They store all kinds of packages, boxes, and letters that needs to be signed for. But did you give them my package? No! Instead I got a note in my mailbox which you wanted me to sign. Okay, fine. I signed it, and printed my name. Today I have been all excited about my package waiting for me when I got home. And now I’m home and not so excited any more. What did you do? I guess you came here today saw your note with my signature, and decided to deliver the package some other day. That makes no sense.

Please come back tomorrow with my package. It’s Christmas for crying out load. Be nice!


NBC News – NY Holiday

Today Austin, Tiff, and I went to Rockefeller Plaza to shot some images of the NBC News – NY Holiday run. It’s the run I wrote about in the other post, but here you can read what NBC News posted on their blog. The image above is me and Tiff interacting with one of the AR objects around the Plaza. We also got other people to “wear” a Santa hat, “hold on” to an umbrella, and to “eat” a pretzel.


Today I had a meeting with Vivian, co-founder of Tronic, and it was a really good meeting. I wanted o talk to her about my first four weeks and to recap what had been said on my first day. It was kind of a follow-up a’la Hyper Island, and it was really good. I realized that the feedback my classmates and I have been giving each other during the time in Karlskrona really means a lot to me. I wanted the same feedback now. So we talked about what I have done during these weeks, about the communication, and the work flow. It feels great to know what the expectations are, what can be changed and what to think of for the future. Five minutes after the feedback I took on a special task and it felt great. I knew I could do it, I knew she knew I could do it, and I could.

Before I went home today we launched another run. This time for NBC News. So if you are in New York, go to Rockefeller Plaza and download the GoldRun app. This was all celebrated together with our new Monday thing, Martini Monday. All five of us (Austin, Shai, Lucy, Tiffany, and I) went to a bar around the corner and just talked and had a good time.

NYC, Amsterdam & China

I miss you guys!

Status #4

Last week a lot of things fell into place and this week I’m working on eight different projects. Different “runs” for GoldRun. They are all in various stages, some we are gonna pitch, some are in demo view for the client ready to be signed off and go live, and some we are about to release. It is pretty exciting, and lots to do. I have been designing pitch material, writing copy, creating AR objects and imagery for the app, building “runs”, and emailing clients.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Vivian, co-founder of Tronic. It will be like a Hyper meeting, a kind of follow-up now when I’ve been here for a month.

Inspiration…I don’t think so

Inspiration can mean so many things, and can come from so many places. Music, people, other design. Yes, I’m talking about inspiration regarding design. I love looking at other peoples design, to see what I like, try to answer WHY I like it and then work on my own personal style. But to some people I guess inspiration means a whole other thing. We could call it copying. Or maybe cloning. Or just plain rip off.

Take a look at the Stena Line project I worked on a few months ago together with some of my classmates from Hyper Island here. And then check this out

Crazy, isn’t it?

Payment, tax, and stuff

I’ve been a little uncertain regarding what is allowed and what is not when if comes to my status as a J-1 holder and taxes. Sure we all know one thing, there will be a lot of papers and documents to go through in April. (Det är när man deklarerar här i USA) But last night, at the ASF event, I got to talk to Tatiana and Ariana who helped me with my visa, so now I know what to do. It feels so good to have them as support, thank you both.

So regarding tax, I am allowed to be an individual contractor meaning I invoice the company. Which also means I have to file for taxes myself, but with the help of H&R Block I don’t see that being so hard. I also know now that I don’t have to pay for social, medical or state tax and that I will be processes as a non-resident. A lot of information, but nice to have it all cleared out.

Glögg, cheer, and snacks

This is where I’m headed right now. Will be fun to meet both Tatiana and Ariana from ASF (who helped me with my visa), and to see who else is there.

Hyper Island NYC

Last night Hyper Island NYC had a gathering for us (the new interns here in New York), and there were also some old Hyper students. It was a really great night, beer, wine, snacks, and all of us. So fun to see everyone again, Stockholm and Karlskrona. It was also really fun meeting Klara, who I emailed a lot when applying to Hyper.

Photo by Alexander Gårdenberg

Status #3

Well I know there is no status #1 and #2, but I’ll try to keep this up. And since it is my third week here at Tronic and GoldRun I thought it would be a great way to keep track.

So, third week in. I’m working with the mobile app called GoldRun, and there is a bunch of technical stuff, a lot of projects in process and in the near future, and a lot of emails to catch up on. With all this, a new environment and new people it has been fun but a bit overwhelming. Then yesterday was kind of a break through for me. We talked about a demo version vs. the real app, costumer vs. participants, and this made is so much more clear for me. I have also had the time to read the emails, and started to communicate with the clients myself, so this is also good.

On top of that, yesterday I created my own first “run”. I’ll let you know more when we have showed to the client.