This has been a long day of moving. The moving company came a bit before 10am, and man they work fast. Box after box, and plastic wrapping paper on all the furniture. I took the day off from work (I know, my second day) so that Markus and I could get done sooner. You need to book the elevators when moving, so we had done that and those where the only times set. Plus the move out inspection. Good thing we only moved 6 blocks north and 1 avenue west, since we had to go back and forth with getting the keys, opening up for the movers, while cleaning out the old apartment.

But now I’m here. In my own room, with the view of the image above. Pretty sweet.

Long day

Monday today and I knew it would be a good day at the office. Great seeing everyone again after the holiday and super fun to more aware of what is going on at GoldRun. I cam to the office a little before 10:30am and I was home around 11:30pm…so it was somewhat a long day. Shai (VP, creative) is speaking at an event tomorrow, so me and another guy stayed late to prepare the slides for the presentation.

Now I’m ready to go to bed after once again looking at the Empire State Building right outside my window. I’ll for sure miss this view, but I’m very excited about sleeping in my own room tomorrow night.


Here is a demo of the app I’m working with here at Tronic. It’s called GoldRun and can be downloaded here (only in the US though).

The Townsend

It is official, Markus, my friend, and I are moving into The Townsend on Tuesday. That is the apartment that we both loved and hoped for. I don’t really have any images to show, but above is the floor plan :) The apartment has two bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows, a washer and a dryer, and we have a built in iPod/MP3 docking station with speakers in all the rooms (including bathrooms).

The room on the right will be mine. It has one black wall, which looks really cool, and the closet is pretty sweet too. I can’t wait to move in, I just need to get some furniture and stuff.


It’s the weekend of Thanksgiving. Friday today (it feels like Sunday), and that means that I have now been here for one week. And what a great week! It’s been small things like a lunch at Chipotle, but also to have dinner with friends for Thanksgiving. Last night I was down at Financial District and had dinner at a co-worker’s to Markus. They live on 32nd floor, and they have the view of Ground Zero from the livingroom. We didn’t have turkey and sweet potato, but the thing is more to be together in good company. And we were.


Here is a list of where my classmates and I are doing our internships:

Ola Syse – OneSize
Rasmus Stenbergh – Achtung
Carl Berglind – Blast Radius
Petter Andersson – Atelier van GOG
Kristian Andersson – Mickey did it

Montreal, Canada
Paweł Zwoliński – Sid Lee

Josue Motta – B-Reel

Tobias Bergström -

Johan Rosell – UsTwo
Sandra Svensson – Sennep
Sofie Hallor – I Love Dust
Lina Säfström – Mainframe

Masood Nisstany – Ogilvy

New York
Alexander Gårdenber – Firstborn
Johan Karlsson – Firstborn
Nina Amjadi – Your Majesty
Henrik Porseland – B-Reel
Theo Strålén – Domani Studio
Christoffer Erneholm – the KDU
Karin Idering – Strawberry Frog
Ida Ragnarsson – Ogilvy
Veronica Wallström – Tronic

Music + webcam

This music video shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) is so great in many ways. The people in the video are their fans and everything is filmed with a webcam. I think it is a lot of fun, but also it reminds me of Hyper Island and my friends there. We have a few times just started a tinyChat and it has been great to see everyone again. Especially when people from MGD10KNA joined.Yes, look at this post here. “TinyChat – Hyper Island”. I look forward to the upcoming chats now when we are all out on our internships.

Apartment viewing

Today has been a day looking at apartments, walking between apartments, sitting in a cab, and admiring the amazing view only a rooftop in New York can offer. Markus and I met with a friend of Markus who also is a realtor at 11am. We have looked at 9 apartments, some good, some great, and one fantastic. That one was my favorite, and Markus’ too. I don’t want to jinx it, so instead of showing images of the apartment here are some images of the different views I have seen today.

Hopefully by tomorrow we will know where we will live after November 30th.

First day at Tronic

I will try to describe my day. The first day at Tronic and my 7-month internship. I don’t really know where to begin, it’s been an amazing day. The feeling I have now, sitting at home is wonderful. I feel happy and I can’t stop smiling.

I came to Tronic a little before 11am, met Jesse, co-founder of Tronic, and said hi to the people that was already there. I got a desk and while waiting for the guy who would tell me more about Tronic I talked to two people that I’ll work with pretty closely. After these first 15 minutes I already felt pretty good. And the rest of the day only made that feeling stronger.

After lunch I met Vivian (also co-founder) and we talked about my role at Tronic. I will work at Tronic, but I will also work with GoldRun which is a mobile platform using augmented reality for brands.

The rest of the day I got my email address, access to the server and all the files, and I started to work. I researched a bunch of cool and very inspiring motion designers and their art/animations whom I’ll include in this first project. I can’t wait for my next day and to see all the people again. (I’m gonna look for apartments tomorrow, so it will be on Wednesday.)


Tomorrow is Monday, and my first day at Tronic. I’m about to go to bed but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep. I’m very excited, nervous, happy, and excited again. I can’t wait to meet everyone, to see the studio and to getting to know the place where I will be for the next seven months.

To my classmates in Sweden and Europe who also have their first day on Monday I want to say good morning. It’s already Monday! Hope you guys have a wonderful and fun day.


Last night I met Daniel and Casper from DM11STO. Really nice to hang out with them, since we have only met a few times in Stockholm before. We had a couple of drinks, played some ping-pong, and had a great time. The craziest thing though…of all the buildings in New York, Casper is also staying in the Epic. That is not all…of all the floors (Epic has 59 floors) he is staying on the same one as I am.

Casa De Markus

This is where I live now. I’m staying with my friend Markus in the Epic at 125 W 31st Street. I love this location. I have everything just around the corner. Yes, there is a Starbucks on the actual corner. From the windows I see Madison Square Garden and Empire State Building. One block away I have Manhattan Mall, Macy’s, and pretty much every subway train.


I don’t know who to say good morning to, not Sweden and not New York. Maybe some of my classmates are still awake? Anyway. I’m up, and my journey starts now. In just a little bit I’ll be in the car with my family going to the airport. It feels very unreal, yet very exciting. I know that I start working on Monday and should be at the studio by 11:00am, which also is a very strange feeling. Still super exciting.


So I’m going through some old things and I found tons of business cards. (I really need to get a card holder!) I also found a bunch of cards that I’ve taken while being at a good restaurant or café. Here are the places in New York that I can’t wait to visit again:

cafetasia – 38 east 8th Street
DOMA – 17 Perry Street
Fuji East – 455 Main Street
FIKA – 41W 58th Street
follow me caffe – 145 E 62nd Street

Blast from the past

I’m going through some (very) old stuff and I found a lot of fun things. Like the video above. That is the most scared I have ever been. To be 15 story up in the air with a 60 mph free fall coming up, I did not think that through. I don’t do these thing so very often, but if I have friends that I trust around me, like my sister, then I could do anything. And honestly, I love it.