The Creative Process

I can watch this images for how ever long. I love it. All the signs are really a part of the creative process, the “overthinking” and the “has it been done before?” are two of them. Here you can find other cartoons like this one.

Polygons, lattice, CV curve

Edge loop, polygons, lattice, CV curve, extrude, sculpt geometry, and much more….that is parts of what I’m learning in Maya. Above is an image of a 3D model I’m working on and I can’t wait to see the final piece.

Knowledge Awards 2010

Last night Hyper Island received the prize from H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria at the celebration of Swedish Knowledge Awards 2010.

Not Right

Week two already. I’m at home working in Maya and I really like it. I have some tutorials that I work with, and I feel that with the basics that I have from Cinema 4D this is really working great for me. I do have one strange thing though, and that is that my Channel box is not in English like the rest of the menus. It seems like it’s maybe Arabic(?). Annoying for sure, since I have to guess every time I’m using it.


This is a coffee shop I definitely want to go to after moving to New York. I found it on The Cool Hunter, and it’s called D’Espresso on Madison Avenue (at 42nd). The books are an illusion and the lamps doesn’t hang from the ceiling but are attached on the wall. So nice.

Hyper Cruise

I just got this invitation from Nina Amjadi and Ida Ragnarsson, who for their final project took the opportunity to create a goodbye-party for us in DM11KNA, but also to invite the other Hyper Island Karlskrona classes. We will have the party on the Stena Line’s new boat to Poland. This will be fun.


One day after Apple announce that FaceTime now will be available on Mac this site launched. Facelette – it’s like chat roulette but with more apple products and stuff. My first thought when hearing about FaceTime for Mac was that maybe I wouldn’t use Skype as much for the actual calls. But nothing can replace Skype. My family is using PC and I know we will Skype when I’m in New York.

Lucy McRae

Today Lucy McRae had a lecture at Hyper Island. She is an amazing artist/designer and her lecture was just as inspiring as last year. She showed us pictures from some of her work, and told us about the projects she has done together with Robyn. I can’t wait to see the album cover for Body talk pt.3.

Apple store online

Apple Store is down and will be back soon.
How exciting!

HI 10

New classes, new exhibition. It’s time for Exploring Animation & Technology 2010. October 30th between 11am – 4pm you can watch and interact with lots of amazing and cool installations at “Konferens Kobran” Telefonvägen 30 in Stockholm.

Design + Music = ♥

Ever since I upgraded my OS X to Snow Leopard, and cleaned everything off my computer I have had problem with Spotify crashing. I played a song or two for about 10-15 minutes and then CRASH. Really frustrating. I tried some different things, but not until I wrote Spotify themselves I think I got it to work. This is what I did:

Spotify > Quit
Manually delete these folders:
~/Library/Application Support/Spotify
Delete the Spotify app in the Applications folder.
At this point, it might be best to restart you computer.
Download and install the latest version.

I’m so happy right now. Design + Music = ♥

Thinking with Type

I found this website through my friend and classmate Nina Amjadi’s blog. It is a great site for typography. Everything you want to know from anatomy, to kerning, to typeface design is here.

Weekend in Gothenburg

The weekend in Gothenburg was great. We all came to Jennifer’s place where we made dinner, drank wine and talked about everything. It’s only been 3 months since we saw each other, but we know it might be a year until next time. Three days together with dinners, shopping, walks, talks, and lots of wine.


We just had our final presentation for LOKA. It feels great to show them our work and research. And the response and feedback was really good. In a few week we will know what/how they will use our material.