Win win

The summer is gone and there is now yellow and brown leaves on the ground. It is getting colder, but as long as it isn’t windy Karlskrona is still nice. I have swapped some of my running outside to some classes at the gym. BodyPump has for long been a favorite, but I think BodyCombat is getting pretty close. BodyCombat is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Love it!

I’m happy that I found a routine in going to the gym again. I really feel more energetic, and stronger. Plus I need this to relax my brain from school and stuff. Win Win.

Moving forward

We are finally getting there. The Final Project really is a long module, and especially since we have gone back and forth about what our campaign should be about. Now we have decided to go with our first idea, the most obvious but also the best there is. Josue and Chris has been working on finalizing it, while Sandra, Ola, and I have been working on the strategy and the visuals that goes along with it. I think we are all happy to see that we are moving forward, and it brings some more motivation to the table as well.


I saw this video online today and I fell in love right away. I want one, or two. They seem so comfy and cool. Check them out here!

Visa application

Now when I know that I’ll do my internship at Tronic in New York I need to start the visa application process. I will apply for the J-1 visa and in order to do so I have contacted The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF). They will help me and I will now fill out some forms and documents. See the list below:

- Completed Application Form
- Statement
- Letter of Endorsement/Letter of Recommendation
- Academic Transcript
- Sample Budget
- Health Insurance Memo of Understanding
- FedEx Credit Card Authorization Form
- ASF Program Fee Credit Card Authorization Form
- Passport Copy

Tronic Studio

It’s official I’m moving to New York in November to intern at Tronic Studio and I’m super excited.

OFFF 2011

The first confirmations for OFFF Barcelona 2011:

- Rob Chiu (3 days workshop)
- Multitouch Barcelona
- Mr. Kone
- Post Panic
- Si Scott
- Marian Bantjes
- Han Hoogerbrugge
- Vincent Morisset
- Nick Campbell a.k.a. Greyscalegorilla
- Design is Dead
- Falk and Suns
- Hort
- Eboy
- House Industries
- Jon Burgeman
- Nick Banks from This Is Real Art
- Erik Spiekermann
- Sander Plug
- Geoff McFetridge
- Joshua Davis
- Russian Creative Panel with Evgeny Kiselev, Vladimir Tomin and Arseny Vesnin

Election day 2010

Today is the election day here in Sweden. I’m heading out now to vote, and I think the image above symbolize why all of Sweden should vote this year. “Rör inte min kompis” was a campaign in 1980′s against racism, and we should still have this in our minds.

So Far Away

I started this project last week and now it’s done. “So Far Away” is where my thoughts been lately. But now I’m back on track, I know what I want to do, and I’m more focused than ever before.


I realized that I didn’t have the XV banner here on the blog….but now I do. If you don’t know what XV is, it is my class site were you can get to know everyone in my class DM11KNA. Click the banner in the top right corner and check it out.


I’m working from home tonight and while taking a break I looked through some discs from ComputerArts. I went through the folder “showcase” and it is so inspiring to see all the art, design, and reels. Here are some I really like :

Qube Konstrukt
Jessica Walsh
Nikki Farquharson


This is how my portfolio looks like in Beijing. Not cool! I do see what’s wrong, and I made the changes in just a few minutes. So now all is good. I’m happy to have friends all over the world to give me feedback and to let me know how my website is working for them.


When I saw this Open Innovation experiment video by  TAT I really wish I had gone to the lecture last Tuesday. Hampus Jakobsson from TAT was here at Hyper Island, Karlskrona and talked to the Mobile Application class.

Spotify Poetry

A few weeks ago there was a post on Gizmodo about Spotify poetry. After that a blog came to live. It’s pretty fun to read these poems/short stories.


My group had a pitch today. We have been working on this brief for about a week, so it’s been quite hectic but a lot of fun. I can’t say who the client is nor what we worked on. We got some good feedback though and there was a lot of information that I’ll bring on to the next project.

Lecture: Nick Campbell

photo: Josue Motta

Nick Campbell (Greyscalegorilla) was here at Hyper Island today and had a lecture. He gave us a lot of insights, and it was both inspiring and motivating. For example he told us to learn the hard stuff, ask “why” not “how”, and to embrace constraints.