On my way

Today I ended a bunch of accounts since there is a three month canceling time. My internet, phone, gym, and I called my landlord. It’s a really strange feeling. I’m on my way to something I’m not quite sure of what it is yet. Exciting, stressful, and super fun.

the Dunny Project

I made three small and fast 3D models before the summer, but now I wanted to try something different (read: more challenging). So instead of a square clock or an iPod, I decided to try and model my Dunny. It is really fun and super challenging. I have already re-modeled the body three times, and I think the might be more of them. But I’m learning so much and I really enjoy it.


Here is the raw feedback my group got from our mentor today when we told him who our second client is: “Astounding opportunity. Dream job. Don’t fuck it up.”

We sure wont!


There is always something going on at Båtsman, people working on briefs, personal project, watching movies, or playing video games. But last night some students saved a baby bunny from a cat and took it inside. So cute, super scared. (Yes, they did let it out again.)

Photo by Masse Nisstany


This is the best short movie I have ever seen. It is beautiful, but the whole concept and the story is just great. Here is the link to see it at vimeo.


I just found the coolest iPhone game ever. It’s called FixPix and pixel artist eBoy is the creator.


I worked all morning from home, and then when I came to school my wacom pen didn’t work. I looked for the pen nibs at home, but no luck in this box. Found them in another place luckily.


I just came back home after been to Dragsö camping. I was there helping two of my friends and classmates. I’ll tell you more about their project when it is official.

Final Project

First day back at Hyper Island, and we already got into groups and we got our client. I’m really happy with my group. For the next nine week I’ll be working with Ola Syse, Josue Motta, Sandra Svensson, and Christoffer Erneholm.

The client we got is LOKA, a Swedish sparkling water brand. We will also find a second client by ourselves. But it all feels very good. This will be a great Final Project.

Freak Out

The Sail Karlskrona is in town. That means a lot of sail boats, rides, food, beer, and tons of people. Fun!

Super Mario Cake

To celebrate our friend Masse’s birthday, Ola, Josue, and I made a Super Mario Cake. 6 layers with strawberries, banana, and kiwi, and a massive Super Mario on top created out of marzipan.

One – poster design

I added this piece to my portfolio. Check it out!


I’m live!
I just launched my new website and I feel pretty happy about it. And proud.