I just saw this TV commercial for AMF (savings) and I really like it. The commercial was a little bit longer, and this is only one scene from it. But it shows an imaginative future, so who wouldn’t wanna join?

Digital Cleaning

I’m cleaning my desktop from files, and I realize I have folders named “Everything”, “mix”, “mix2″, “mix3″, and “FIX THIS” plus all kinds of screen shots there. And I found this image. Cute, but why did I saved it in the first place? I don’t know!


I think I have found a color that can represent me. If I look around this color keeps following me. I have clothes in the same color, and I even bought a watch in this color without thinking about it. Pink might be for girls, but hey I’m a girl so fine.


This is one of the sites I worked on during the last module at Hyper Island. Our client was Stena Line, and they wanted a campaign site for the launch of their new boats. Here you can view the site.

Summer break

I love the fact that it is summer and I can spend time with my family. Today I was out fishing with my dad. We only got one mackerel, but that isn’t the point (;


The next class of DM – Karlskrona is gathering on Facebook. It’s really exciting to see who the next 35+ students will be. Good luck to all of you who haven’t received your email yet.

Philips LCD monitor

I’m getting an extra monitor, I’m super stoked. It’s a 24″ LCD monitor from Philips. Thanks dad!

Me and my sister

It really feels great to be home. The first weekend and Nordisk Seglast is here.