This clip really made me curious about Tokyo. It’s seems to be such a cool place. Way different from what I’ve seen and experience, and that is way it feels so interesting.

This category and these posts were published on May 15th, 2010. For five months my class has been working on a class promotion project, which has been secret until now. During this time I have been writing posts but only to save them as drafts. Now it’s no secret anymore, so here is my story.

Tonight is the night!

Tonight is the night and I’m off to SidLee and our release party. There are over 90 people attending, but I know some people aren’t even on the list. So the party will be a success for sure. I’m very excited to meet everyone who is coming, to see SidLee’s office, and to just be celebrating our launch of XV.

The Photoshoot

This is the first movie the documentation team is releasing. Many more to come, so keep your eyes open.


Nina and I will work on some more PR, and while she is writing the press release I came up with the idea to tweet out small images of the photo showing the interior from the photo shoot. We already have a twitter account, but in the name @dm2011kna. Since people already follow this account, I just switched name on it to @whatisXV. I got the photo from Alexander and made 15 pieces out of it. So from today until launch these images will be sent out in a random order.

Workshop: Digital Recruitment

Hussain Kabani, the Diploma Director, was at Hyper Island, Karlskrona today to have a workshop with us. We where to idea develop around the subject “digital recruitment”. Today the international students of Hyper Island needs to travel to meet someone from Hyper Island to have their interview, and tasks. However it is a digital school, and this might not be the best way now days. So we talked about the process how it is today, the different steps and what Hyper Island is looking for. Very interesting, since this is a question we (the students) often ask.

We got split up into two groups and both groups where kind of on the same track with the ideas we presented. If the things we said would be build and produced it would be very cool, and I think Hyper Island would have way more applicants because of it.


I published my website yesterday and today it is on Css Dsgn. Check it out, and when you are there take a look at Josue Motta‘s portfolio also.

I’ve been working on my website for some while now and today I go live. This past weekend has been all about copy and @font-face, and I’ve been going to bed around 5am-ish. has been a flash site before, but today it is HTML. It’s been really fun working with a new program and learning more about HTML and CSS. So enjoy, and please get back to me if you have feedback.