This category and these posts were published on May 15th, 2010. For five months my class has been working on a class promotion project, which has been secret until now. During this time I have been writing posts but only to save them as drafts. Now it’s no secret anymore, so here is my story.


I helped Masood with an interview yesterday. He interviewed Josue about the process of the Production Team and I was the sound assistant. I sat next to both of them with headphones on and I could here everything from people walking by, chips eating, and shoes rubbing against each other. Cool.

It is very cool how much material the Documentation Team has, but man does that mean a lot of work. It’s kind of overwhelming, but if we all can help out I’m confident that we will have something amazing in the end.

the Elevator Pitch

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when creating a pitch.

1. Keep it short.
2. Have a hook.
3. Pitch yourself, not your ideas.
4. Don’t forget the pitch.
5. Don’t overwhelm with technical or statistical terminology.
6. Practice.
7. Use the same tactics for print.
8. Revise.
9. Be involved in the startup community before you pitch.
10. Listen.

Here you can find the rest of the information.

Sound Design: Dinahmoe

DinahMoe was at Hyper Island today and talked about interactive sound design. I couldn’t go, but I got some notes after the lecture on what they said. And they showed some case studies. Below are three case videos of websites where DinahMoe have created the sound.

Adidas – Teamgeist

Saab – Change Perspective

Doritos – Hotel 626
(Don’t watch this if you scare easily OR if you want to play the game. Then go to and make sure it is after 6pm)

Artist: Michael Johansson

I would love to go to one of Michael Johansson‘s exhibitions. I love his work, the colors, the shapes, and the playfulness of the objects. Michael is a Swedish artist with an amazing list of exhibitions, grants, and collections.

Secret code

I just talked to Ola about the movie he, Josue, Kristian, Andreas, and Rasmus created. They have one account on YouTube, and one on Vimeo, but both are set to private as of now. So the question he had was when to put them to public. The thing is that there is one secret code hidden in the movie, so it would be cool to see if anyone saw it and used it to log in to the invite site.
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2 new books

I just ordered these two books, Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky and The Internet Case Study Book by Rob Ford. I really enjoy reading and learning about ideas and design, so I feel very happy right now and can’t wait until I have the books here at home.


Invite site, day 3

It is so cool to see the logos lighten up. As of now Bobby, Britny, FirstFlight, Firstborn, Phosworks, Public Class, Wieden+Kennedy, Dazed, Kollektivetlivet, Your Majesty, Shrpa, weareflink, and Harder has logged in. Hopefully more agencies will log in on Monday. Later in the week we will talk about sending out a personal emails with the codes to the people who haven’t yet logged in. We will also talk about when we can start inviting other people.

Puma – Clever Little Bag

Puma – Clever Little Bag by the agency Fuseproject. I think it is a really cool idea, but I also love the movie made by Droga5. When I see a case study like this I want to work with motion.

I’m working on my website right now, where I want to include some of my old print projects but show them as case studies. So this will definitely be one of the movies I’ll be having in mind.


The project for Lill-Skansen is now over and today we had an evaluation and a process follow up. It feels like we have worked together for a really long time, bet it actually only is for three days (where the third day was presentation/pitch). So to say the least it has been fun, stressful, frustrating, interesting, and I have learned a lot.
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Today has really been an exciting day. During lunch I went to the post office to ship the last sendouts that will go to the Swedish addresses. When I got back to Båtsman I checked twitter (as usual) to see if anyone has been tweeting about us. I have a group called XV sendouts and a search for “whatisXV”. And today there was something.
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I just had my worst day at Hyper Island. I haven’t really accomplished anything today, due to stress, pressure, high expectations, and frustration. I have never felt like this or have had a day like this before. Very strange, and not at all a good timing since we are to present our concept/strategy for the client tomorrow.

I worked on a mock-up for a website, which I later realized was kind of unnecessary because we are to present a concept and not design. I learned stepping out of the comfort zone also means the routines and not only roles. Like it is okay not to design, and focus on text and research instead and the presentation will still be good.

Sendout #3: ideas and mock-ups

Started the day with an XV update session and told the class about the second sendout being sent today. We also planned a meeting for the Promotion team at 3pm to finalize the ideas around the third sendout.

The meeting was re-scheduled and at 1pm we met and talked about ideas of the experience of sendout #3. This sendout will include the persons name, as in the other two, the URL (, and the personal code.

The ideas we have is to write the text in a non obvious way, with for example magic ink, wax, or a glow in the dark-pen. We ended the meeting and Johan and Alexander went to the stores around here to see what they could find. We also decided on another meeting after they got back.

So at 3:15pm we had an update about the materials we could use. And now we have five different ideas that we will try. Mock-ups will be done before tomorrow for our next meet-up. We have all these meetings because of our deadline. The third sendout to the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Canada will be sent on Friday, so not to many days to work with.

Ideas for mock-ups:
- an illustration of a keyboard w/ missing letters
- wax on one paper, baking paper on top – use pencil to see the code
- write the code with dingbats
- melt a candle and write with the wax
- a riddle using roman letters

Flight to Paris, check

I have now booked the flight to Paris and the OFFF festival. Andreas, Carl, Josue, and I are leaving on the 23rd of June from Copenhagen, and will come back on the 27th. Oscar also booked his flight, and will go straight to Paris from New York. I’m so excited, this trip will be like a reunion too.

We looked at places to stay and found a hostel with mixed 6 bed rooms. That is perfect so that will be the next thing to book.