Changes of Sendout #2

We had a board meeting today and it was me who asked for it. I received some feedback yesterday regarding the second sendout and the copy on it. I felt that we had three choices of what to do; start over, change it a little, or ignore the feedback. Ignore the feedback wouldn’t be right, and start over would be a question about money as well as pushing a deadline, while changing it a little might be too little. Read more »


I just found this video on YouTube and it’s from one of the goodbye parties we had before MGD10KNA left for internships. Great people, good times.

Response from New York

This is so cool! David at Fi in New York has put this video on his kontain. I can’t even describe how I feel, but I’m so happy. Everything hey say, everything they show is all we wanted for this first sendout. All the questions they have. This is the first responds we have found, so let’s hope there will be more.

This category and these posts were published on May 15th, 2010. For five months my class has been working on a class promotion project, which has been secret until now. During this time I have been writing posts but only to save them as drafts. Now it’s no secret anymore, so here is my story.

Personal Needs

Last week I talked to Sara-Lee from DM10KNA and she told me that they had a lecturer last year who talked about personal needs and how to understand them. I thought that sounded very interesting so I looked it up to see what it would mean to me.

I thought I would find some articles or websites, but I actually found a .pdf that was called NeedLess Program. Whit this program I will 1) identify the needs, 2) understand how to get the needs met, and 3) design an effective system to have them vanish. Sounds good!

First thing, I have to choose 10 needs out of the 200 examples they have written down and then pick the four needs that I can’t live without. Kind of interesting to read all the 200, and to see how some words pop out right away and how I don’t really want other words to be a need.

This is how far I have come so now it is time for me to understand how I’ll get these needs met.


Dr. Lori Kent who were at Hyper Island last Tuesday also showed us this video. I now found it on YouTube and want to share it with you. It is a super cute video about a polar bear and a sled dog, and how the play together.


CSS3 and @font-face. This is what got my interest at the moment. I know it isn’t something new, but to me it is, and I’m super excited about it. Last night I downloaded a developers package from Apple, so that I can change fonts, and now I’m on it. This weekend will be all about @font-face and my new website. I know I’ve worked on my website, but I’ll start over (this might be the fourth time) and this time I have a plan!


It’s Friday and this week has gone by so fast. But in a good way. Group4 (my group) has done a fantastic job, and even though we will be working from different places today we all know who is doing what. I think the process follow up we had Wednesday was good for us. Communication is the key.

We knew that, but it can be hard when in a new group where we all communicates in different ways. This wasn’t at all what I was suppose to write about. Yet a good reflection…

Profile Content

Here is the content that will be shown on my profile page.

Name: Veronica Wallström

Mobile number: +46 706 99 91 80
Portfolio URL:

Title: Visual Designer
Origin: Kungshamn, Sweden

Skype: vwallstrom

What motivates you in your work & in which areas could you see yourself working in a couple of years?
To always learn new things, people with a positive attitude, and a good and strong concept are things that motivates me.

In a couple of years I will be working as an Art Director or Producer in a creative environment with people I learn from, and where I can share my knowledge as well.

Love the life you live, Live the life you love

What is your passion?
One of my passions is running. I love it because I love to challenge myself. It clears my mind and gives me new ideas when working on a project.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration in people I meet, places I visit, and music I listen to.

Arts & Craft

Dr. Lori Kent was here today and we had a very different lecture and workshop. Different in the way that she didn’t come from an agency and talked to us about the industry. Instead she showed us paintings and videos where we would think of where the creativity comes from.

“all the you can imagine, you already know”

We split up in groups of four-five and got one bag eache with different content and some instructions. My group where to paint. To paint, using anything but a brush. And we where supose to think like a six year old. Very interesting, and much much fun. The other groups made trophies to each other, created what heaven would look like, and hand puppets.


Today Åse Holte sent me some photographs of me from the photoshoot. I’ll get to pick which one I like the best and that is the one that will be shown on the class site. Here is the image I liked the best.


I’m going to KunskapsDagarna again on April 12th. I went there last fall to listen to four speakers, and I’ll do the same now. Last year they spoke at Ångan, Hyper Island, and at Marinmuseet. This time they will be at the new hotel Scandic Karlskrona, down by Fisktorget.

Here are the seminares I’m gong to:
#1664 at 08:30-09:20 “From Word to Action
Speaker: Åsa Lindau, Room: Aspö

#1676 at 12:00-12:50 “Self inspiration – energy in your everyday life!
Speaker: Glenn Carlbark, Room: Hässlö

#1681 at 09:40-10:30 “Job satisfaction, stress och balance!
Speaker: Christina Kicki Forsenhäll, Room: Senoren

#1682 at 10:50-11:40 “Your actions – success factor or trap?
Speaker: Lars Bonthron, Room: Senoren


I’m looking through some of my bookmarks and I have found some good oldies. Favorite sites that I once looked at all the time for inspiration. Below you see the website of painter Audrey Kawasaki. I love her paintings and that she paints on wood panels. I also found the eboy Blog with amazing pixel art design and Yulia Brodskaya‘s portfolio where she show case her paper graphics. Incredible.