I helped out at a Master Class here at Hyper Island, Karlskrona today. It was very fun to be a part of this, since it’s becoming such a big part of Hyper Island. This class started yesterday and will go on until Sunday (when I’ll help out again). Yesterday they presented themselves and today they worked on idea development. So I was with one of the groups and worked with them on a brief that we got. Very fun, especially since I like this phase with brainstorming and idea developing.

After this session I stayed and listened to Robin Salazar, from Britny, who talked about the digital project process. Very interesting and fun to be included in this workshop as well. We talked about five different stages of the digital project process being 1) gathering information 2) strategy 3) create 4) produce and 5) launch. We also talked about mistakes that can take place in these stages.

-If you use Twitter you can search for #himc (Hyper Island Master Class) to see the tweets.


Two of my classmates, Theo Stråhlén and John Karlsson (who also created the website Help Me Move), have developed an alarm clock connected to Spotify. So now you can wake up to you favorite track. It started as a tryout and now it got recognition on the swedish blog Feber and on Apple’s download page. Really great job, you guys!

Saturday at MoMA, NYC

I’m so amazed with everything I saw today at the Tim Burton exhibition at MoMA. So many sketches, drawings, poems, movies, stop motions, figures, and clothing. Amazing. I don’t know how long we were walking around there, but it felt like hours and I seemed to find new things and art all the time. It was kind of crowded, but still fine because everyone was all into it. Families with children were there as well, and I could really recognize the impressiveness and joy the kids expressed.I felt the same way.

I found the image above on this blog.

Day 4 @ R/GA

It’s the last day of the work shadowing at R/GA, and today we worked on the big brief we were given on Tuesday. We worked as two teams. Axel and Rasmus, and Daniel and I took one hour to brainstorm and then we met to discuss what we’d come up with. Both Axel and Rasmus were very impressed with our ideas and how professional we were which felt very good to hear.

Axel and Rasmus will work tomorrow as well and on Monday they will have a meeting with the Creative Director and show the deck they put together. I really wished I could stay and hear what he thinks about it. But they said they’d email us. Exciting.

It’s been such a great week. Last week I had the best week at Digital Kitchen and this week has been absolutely amazing. I LOVE New York, and I’ll be back in November….

Day 3 @ R/GA

We started the morning with gathering the different pieces from yesterday. The copy, the call-outs, and the drawings. Then Rasmus put it all together in a inDesign storyboard document. At noon we presented the ideas for other people on the project for example the producer and the interactive developer. Going from three concept to two with some changes. At 5pm they (and Daniel and I where also there) had a conference call meeting with the client team and they really loved one of these concept so the team at R/GA were very happy.

Day 2 @ R/GA

Long day today. We met up at 9am and didn’t leave until 8pm, and we are still not done for the day. I love it.

This morning Daniel and I started with the brief we got yesterday while Axel and Rasmus continued/finished up some work for their current client. We sat down at 350, while Rasmus and Axel sat on the 14th floor (333). Rasmus came down to us during lunch and we had a check-in about what we thought about the brief and what we had talked about.

We were also told that there would be a meeting in the afternoon about a new brief. This brief was for another client and the job was a banner ad for two products. So we split up in pairs for 20 minutes, and then all four of us talked about all the ideas we had. Then we did the same thing again. At the follow-up meeting six of the ideas (three for each product) were successful.

For tomorrow three creatives are drawing sketches for our ideas, Daniel and I are writing the frame description and Axel will write the call-outs. So it will be fun to see them all come together in the morning.

Help Me Move

Theo Stråhlén (developer) and John Karlsson (designer) created this site Help Me Move. Both are Digital Media students at Hyper Island. John needed help to move his stuff now when his roommates from the Motion Graphic Designer class is moving for their internships. So together with Theo this site was launched. Each image shows an item which a friend can sign up to carry. The one friend who is helping out carrying the most items gets one beer per item. It is just brilliant!

Networking at ARNY

Today was the ARNY meetup and it was really interesting listening to the speakers and they presented some cool games and some “still at the lab” projects. At the end people could pronounce if they had something to share. One woman told us what she was working on and that she wanted to get connected to people that could help her, and a man told us about his work. Daniel then stood up and said that we were from Hyper Island and that we would like to talk to people about lecturing. Almost all of them knew about Hyper Island and were very interested in talking to us.

The whole event was very cool, and meeting new people is always fun.

Fi on Thursday

I just got a phone call from Fi and Daniel and I are invited to the event on Thursday. Very cool! Now I just need to read some more about Ajax so that I have somewhat of an overview of what they will be talking about….

Day 1 @ R/GA

Daniel Dominguez and I are now at R/GA for our work shadowing assignment. This week we will follow Rasmus Keger, jr Art Director, and Axel Lindgren, jr Copywriter. They are graduate students from Berghs School of Communication, Sweden and started working at R/GA this summer.

Just like last we came in right after a big project being done, so Rasmus and Axel didn’t have the week all figured at right away. This worked out really well, and instead of trying to shadow someone else for a day, we got the chance to ask all kinds of questions about school, work, projects, and more. We also walked around the office and got introduced to people.

The office here in New York is divided in three buildings. Or maybe not divided, but has expand into. The building in the image above is the 350 office. Rasmus and Axel are sitting in the 333 building, and then there is the 353 building.

Before lunch Rasmus and Axel got the news that they would be presented to a new brief around 4pm and at the same time they got more to do on the current project. So all of a sudden there was tons to do. Very cool to see this change and to realize how important it s to be flexible.

Daniel and I didn’t know if we could sit in on the meeting but the Creative Director for this project asked for us. So exciting. And it is a big client….but I can’t say no more! This meeting took over an hour, we got the brief, looked at the deck and felt really happy about it. What an amazing start of this work shadowing week.

DK – day 5

Last day at DK today. Daniel and I have interviewed some of the staff at DK and today we talked to Abby, Executive Producer, and Rama, Creative Director. Talking to them and to see their roles from their perspective is interesting and very inspiring.

Everyone at Digital Kitchen are so nice and very friendly. Before we left we got a note from Kelly, where mine said “Keep us in mind for next fall”. That means a lot to me and I surely will.

DK – day 4

I’m so happy. Daniel and I just got an envelope with the material for the big pitch….and our two ideas are in it. How cool is that?!

Today we have done research and though of new ides for another project. This project is also in the beginning stage, as to be pitched for the client. It is really exciting to be included here, to see how they work here at Digital Kitchen. How they prepare for the pitch and how that is a really really important part. This is something I know already, but kinda forget when working on a team at Hyper Island. There we work really hard and we present. But how we present never really get the time it should to be prepared. Something I’ll bring when going back.

Before lunch we met up with Ben again to share the ideas we had and got feedback on them. In the afternoon we wrote it all down and created some visuals for the ideas. We also sat in on a meeting for a another project. This will be pitched in a week, so tomorrow we will see if we can find some ideas for this too.

A lot of working, and we love it.

DK – day 3

Today we got introduced to another project. Really really exciting, and really huge. We started the day with finishing up the two ideas we presented yesterday. Since we presented Hyper Island-style with A1 paper and lots of post-its we needed to create a digital version too.

Before lunch we met with one of the producers Murphy, and had a phone conference with Ben, Creative, where he told us about the new project. (The reason he wasn’t at the office? Snow storm and chaos in New York.) We talked about it a little; what we wanted to do, how we will research and what direction we will go. Then we went home. Clock being 5:30pm so not to early, but we needed some time away to create the focus for this new project.

“The SEO Wars: Flash vs. Ajax”

Fi are having an event next Thursday and I’ve emailed them to see if Daniel and I can come. The event is called “The SEO Wars: Flash vs. Ajax”. I think this could be very interesting, and it would be super exciting to meet some people from Fi.

The presentation will give a brief introduction to SEO in general, outline the related problems that Flash and Ajax developers usually encounter and what methods (and dark Voodoo magic) you can use to make Google happy with either technology.

We look forward to having you come join the discussion; Beers and pizza are on us!
The first 30 people to reply with a confirmation and their contact info will be admitted to join the Fi team in their discussion.

Hopefully we are two of them 30.

DK – day 2

Daniel and I came into the office at 10am and started to work right away. Oh, it felt great. We knew what we had to do, we knew what we wanted to perform, and we knew how to do it. We just had to find the greatest ideas for this project. I have worked with Daniel before, both with THISPLAY and with the DM11KNA concept, and we work really well together. So to have this whole day to work and to come with ideas was great fun.

We had one big idea before lunch, and then after lunch we got two more. I forgot! To do this we had to sign freelance forms, how cool is that!?! We are super stoked. We both felt kinda tired in the afternoon, brainstorming and concept development can be really exhausting. But with the ideas we had, and the meeting coming up at 5:30pm we were ready to present.

What DK is doing right now with the project we got involved in is working on a pitch. It is really cool to sit in on their meetings and to here how they are going to present and what they are saying and what order everything goes.

How it went? They want us to finalize two of our three ideas, so pretty well I would say.