Group overload

The Marketing and Promotion module is now ended, but only by Hyper Island. The class need to continue the work. We were given the time to plan and schedule our own work and that is what we have done.

So yesterday we were to write an evaluation about the module just like we use to. There we talk about the module, the assignment, the class, the lecturers, the groups, the coworkers, the project manager, and the class-coordinator. This usually isn’t a problem. But to do this we created groups of six, and this is where it began/ended…

I have never been involved in so many different groups in such a short amount of time. Crazy! First I was in a “hippie group” (we call them that because we don’t really remember what we were suppose to do in them). Then there was the idea development group, and another idea development group when the whole class worked on the concept. After these two sessions I was one of eleven who created the concept group. When the concept was decided on the class got into new channel groups, which later became one group of eight that worked over the weekend and I was in that one too.

This week we got into our final groups, so we thought. The group I was in was called The Hype group. But with confusion between this group and the The Product group (what group would do what?), my group is now called the Promotion group. Oh yeah, I’m also a member of the board. And not to forget the group we created yesterday to write the evaluation. So that is nine groups in three weeks. The hyper way?

Concept Developing part II

Today we had our second meet for concept developing. There has been a few days since we last met, but think it was good for us to kind of drop it and think about it for ourselves. So today Nina, Daniel, and David presented a schedule for the rest of the two weeks and it looked great time wise.

We were all very excited to start even though I felt it was hard not to think about the ideas that were presented last week. We got new groups, just to change it up a little and also this time David had some brainstorming exercises with us. We got to look at all the old ideas as well, and to reflect on them. At 4pm each group had three new concepts and then we split for the day, except for the new concept group where I’m in. The rest of the class went into their old “responsibility” groups to talk.

The concept group split in half to find the three ideas they thought were the strongest. Then the both groups got together and had an open discussion about the thoughts. I am very happy about the group, the ideas, and the outcome so far. But we are about to meet tomorrow again, so until then I wont say anything about the process….

Concept Team:
Ola Syse
Andreas Kleiner
Alexander Gårdenberg
Daniel Domingues
Josue Motta
Petter Andersson
Christoffer Erneholm
Paweł Zwoliński
Roger Oldén
Carl Berglind
Veronica Wallström

Workshop: RealFlow

Elias Widerdal and Sam Brandhildh had a workshop in RealFlow today at 3pm. I wasn’t sure if I was going, since I had never really opened Cinema 4D before, yet not worked in it by myself. And RealFlow? But I did go and it was really fun.

I got a demo version of RealFlow and with some help I think I did pretty good. What we did was working with the particles and different types of liquid.

When I got home I created this movie below. I’m quite proud. Like I said, I’ve never worked in Cinema 4D or with RealFlow before. Nor have I rendered a movie.

Workshop: Malin + Tobias

Today and tomorrow we will have a workshop with Malin and Tobias who work as a creative team and they are also Hyper Island graduates. They are here to talk about “How to create relevant and interesting ideas for brands and products” and the first thing we got to do was to watch a commercial, but we didn’t get to see the last two seconds. So with that endless commercial we got into our groups and tried to think of three brands or services.

We got fifteen minutes for this assignment. I thought it would be hard, but after a few minutes we got seven potential outcomes. And that was also the point proven. You don’t want to create a commercial with just a memorable tune and a cool video if the message is in the last two seconds, since it is then so easy to miss.

They talked about “above the line” and “below the line”, and that something interesting and relevant almost always will create something awesome. They also gave us a few tips.

1) keep it simple stupid
2) digital is harder than traditional advertising
3) talk to the nerds
4) don’t start with the micro-site
5) everybody online isn’t a digital native
6) you can actually do more than funny

During the workshop we were also to find the brand character for four different brands. Think “Hi I’m Mac, and I’m PC”. My group got Heineken, and we created Mark 28 years old. Born and raised in Amsterdam, degree from London, living and working in New york.

We ended the workshop with getting a fictional brief. My group continued to work with Heineken, and the objective was that they are launching a new can under the name Heineken Worldwide. We brainstormed for an hour and will work more on it tomorrow. So to be continued…

Concept Developing part I

Today was a full day of concept development with the whole class. I think it went really well. The start-up group had a good presentation yesterday, but since Sofie then had given us the introduction some of the things and plans had change. So we got three head project managers (Nina, Daniel, and David) and we then got organized and into groups to start the creativity thinking.

David had some different ways for us to brainstorm, and at the end of the day each group had three concept ideas which we presented to each other.

Lecture: Saher Sidhom

Today Saher Sidhom, from Great Works, was here talking to us about planning. (Great Work is and independent award-winning, full service digital marketing agency with offices in Barcelona, New York, Tokyo and Stockholm.)

Saher told us what planning was and how it has nothing to do with project management, even though the name could have you think so. A planner need to have the perspective of all people. He or she will make the creative strategic and the strategy creative.

Here are some of a planner’s favorite questions:
why is that?
how does it work?
why does it work?
why did they react like that?
what was the reason for that reaction?
what do the extreme users do?

A planner need to be keen to observing human nature. If no interest in people, there wont be any intuitions, and from that no insights. And the insights tend to come before the idea, so that means no ideas to work with at all.

There are two ways of thinking.
de-constructors – how does the world work today?
re-constructors – how could the world work tomorrow?

Saher was a really good speaker and such a cool guy. He had us find the target audience and their certain needs by looking at paintings such as “Goliath” by Caravaggio, and “Madonna & Child” by Emma Tooth. He had the class listen to each other which felt really good. Instead of judging the person, it was the ideas which were good or bad.

The lecture was an evening lecture starting at 5pm, but instead of ending at 8pm we went to Fox and Anchor for some AW and the discussion and questions continued.

Module: Promotion & Marketing

Next module is coming up and it is called Promotion and Marketing. During this module DM11KNA will work together as a full team and we are about to brand ourselves and get our name out there load and clear.

We will also have some lectures and workshops, and these are some of the people who is coming here:
- Thomas Reibke
- Saher Sidhom, planner from Great Works
- Malin Hanås and Tobias Boström from Blast Radius
- Laura Jordan Bambach from Lost Boys International
- Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla

This category and these posts were published on May 15th, 2010. For five months my class has been working on a class promotion project, which has been secret until now. During this time I have been writing posts but only to save them as drafts. Now it’s no secret anymore, so here is my story.

Book: Perfect Pitch

I’m reading Perfect Pitch by Jon Steel and I love it. I love every chapter, every page, every sentence. When I’m reading about a case it feels like I’m there, and I can really relate to all the tips and take with me. There is a lot of information, but I will sure try to remember it all.

I really like chapter 4 when talking about a five-step program.
step 1: Grazing
step 2: Looking for Meaning
step 3: Drop it
step 4: Adapt and Distill
step 5: Writing the Presentation

Reading about step three was very interesting. Drop it was related to finding connections between what you have prepared. But instead of you thinking about it you should let your unconscious do it for you. So sleep, go to the gym, or go shopping. It is when you don’t think about your design/account/presentation that your mind does the work for you.

I have a notepad next to my bed, because I always get ideas right before I fall asleep. And I love running. That really clears my mind, and I see things for other perspectives. It is kind of cool when it happens. And really cool reading about it.


No it isn’t the color of my bra, but this post will talk about just that. A lot of people, and yes I write people because right now both girls and boys, have colors as their Facebook status. I think it started a week or so ago, girls got an inbox message telling them to put their bra color as their status. Important thing: DON’T TELL THE BOYS.

Two of my girl friends had written “beige & black” and “brown and turquoise” yesterday, and I thought is was a little strange. Today more of my friends have a color as their status, this including boys. More fun is the comments. Under the beige & black, one comment was “nice”. I don’t think this person is referring to my friends bra, but the color combination. And I agree, it is “nice”.

Since I didn’t know what this was about I searched online and I found the message: right girls let’s have some fun. write the color of the bra you’re wearing right now as your status on fb and don’t tell the boys. they will be wondering what all the girls are doing with colors as their status. forward this to all the girls online

On another page I found the comment “Sounds childish/dumb/weird/annoying but hey, it’s just a game”. Sure it might be so, but my question is who started it? And where? What country/city? Because I’m in Karlskrona, Sweden, so I’m pretty sure this message has traveled a long way. And that is very interesting. How many girls have posted their bra color on their Facebook status, and how long did it take until the boys figured it out?