Hyper Island has a new layout for their newsletter. I really like the white background, the black text and the hot pink.

…and I’m in it. Here is a link to the YouTube clip.

Apply to Hyper Island 2010

Now it is time to apply for Hyper Island. You can find the application form and information on and it should be sent in by April 30th.

This year the two assignments for digital media are:

“Social Networks 2020”
Imagine that it is the year 2020. You are communicating in a digital way with your friends.
- Describe this future way of communicating, as a concept.
- Describe how that this way of communicating is effecting the society year 2020

As a second part of the assignment “Social Networks 2020”, please choose one of the following three areas:
a) Management – Describe the production process from concept to final product as well as the challenges reaching your goal.
b) Technology – Describe or show your technical solution of the concept.
c) Design – Visualize and motivate the design of your concept.

“Digital Money”
Imagine the year is 2030. The world is about to change into a digital economy – making all bills and coins worthless. Your task is to figure out how future monetary transactions will be made. While doing this you have to keep the following in mind: Security issues, That your product is user-friendly, and How you want to market the change?

As a second part of the assignment “Digital Money”
, please choose one of the following three areas:
a) Management – What challenges could you be facing, while marketing this solution, and how could you solve them?
b) Technology – Describe and motivate the technical solution for future monetary transactions.
c) Design – Visualize and motivate how future transactions could look like.

Inspiration: Web layout

I have started answering the questions for the analysis of my portfolio, but as a break I’m now searching for some nice layouts for inspiration. I love the typography on these three websites and the playfulness with element and color. I find the white background very suitable for the sites as well.


I’m now sitting in my old room at my parents place. The module Portfolio doesn’t start until Monday, but my sister is here doing her homework so I though I could look it over. So while she is writing about Christopher Columbus, I’m about to plan my portfolio.

Hyper Island has giving me two assignments to do; Analysis and Concept. With that I will answer questions like the two below.
- What do I want my portfolio to communicate?
- What is my target audience for my portfolio?

And when Karl Wikström was at HI he asked us to ask ourselves these three questions.

“Why am I doing this, again?”
”What do I really want to achieve?
”How do I achieve it?”

Motion Graphic Designers

The class of MGD10KNA are leaving for their internships in mid February, and here is a list of some of the agencies they are going to:

Buck –
dress code -
PostPanic –
panda panther –
onesize –

As you can see they will be spread out from Los Angeles, to New York in the U.S. to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Hyper Island in a Nutshell

This is a movie made by students from Hyper Island Digital Media class of 2010, Stockholm where they give their view on the world’s leading school. I love it, and it is all so true.

Link to Hyper Island
Link to Vimeo

My personal projects

Now you can find my personal projects on



I got the question to do an interview for Hyper Island. I test version you can say. But nothing we do is ever in simple-mode, so tonight I had the help from Henrik Porseland, Tobias Bergström, and Alexander Rosén to record and film the interview. Even if it was my own questions I had to answer, I found it kinda hard. I never said the same thing twice and the whole situation was quite funny.

The camera recorded in a strange format, so at the moment Henrik is converting all the film material into .mov files so that we can continue the editing tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll then also get some help from Sam Brandhildh who is awesome at motion design.

Movie: Objectified


Every object tells a story if you know how to read it” -Henry Ford

The co-workers at Hyper Island wanted us to see the movie Objectified, so the class coordinator Tobias Bergström arranged three times we could watch it. I saw it today. I think it is interesting how design exists in everything around us, even in nature.

This is what is says on Objectified:
Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. It’s a look at the creativity at work behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets. It’s about the designers who re-examine, re-evaluate and re-invent our manufactured environment on a daily basis. It’s about personal expression, identity, consumerism, and sustainability.

Last week before Christmas


This is the last week at Hyper Island before Christmas break. Well, we are not really having a break since the Portfolio module starts next Monday. But this is the last week DM and MGD will spend together before Christmas. Here are some photos from Båtsmans.

Lecture: Karl Wikström

Karl Wikstrom

Image: Sandra Svensson

Never accept the problem the world throws at you.
Create more interesting ones instead.

Karl Wikström were here today and talked about creating better and more fun problems. He works as a planner at DDB in Stockholm and this was such  great lecture. He really pin pointed all my thoughts about my portfolio and what we are suppose to think about during Christmas and the next module.

The lecture was divided to three parts. First we looked at some case studies. Karl told us about the mean, the value, the end, and the strategy. After every part we got a task. For this one we changed the statement “have to make a portfolio” to “want to make a portfolio” and then we finished the sentence: I would like to create a portfolio because….

For the second part we went through 6 principles of interesting communication (see below) and how we could apply these to our portfolio.

- Create usefulness & value
- Find new contexts
- Create news people want to spread
- For a good cause
- Create engagement and interactivity
- Create a new product/medium

The third part was all about insights. What agencies want to see and what we should think of when creating the portfolio, when contacting people, and when branding ourselves. Here are some of the insights: “don’t be perfect, be personable“, “hiring is a group decision – support sharing“, and “you want to learn, but remember to teach as well

Dos and Dont’s

DM11KNA just had an intense 30 minute lecture about Dos and Don’t regarding portfolio with Joy-Ann and Jasper from Amsterdam Worldwide. Joy-Ann is the copywriter and Jasper is the Art Director. They had asked people of different positions at Amsterdam Worldwide for their personal dos and don’ts when it comes to portfolios.

Here are some of the advice we got:

only show work you are passionate about
show it even if it isn’t produced
treat your work with care – no low resolution and CMYK
show progression
have CV+contact available
be straight forward
give a clear view of what you are – designer, copywriter, illustrator etc.

limit your work to what you think the agency wants to see
“borrow” work
wait with updating your portfolio
include irrelevant stuff – no hobbies!
show a static image of an interactive piece

Module: Specialization

Do you want to deepen your knowledge or
do you want to widen your knowledge?

This is the question I should think of when choosing my specialization here at Hyper Island. The first specialization will be in February and the second one in April and the choices I have is: Project Management/Strategy, Technology, and Design.

We didn’t really get much information about the three at the information meeting today, but we did get to see the aim for each subject.

Project Management/Strategy 1
The objective is to get an insight in which role research, analysis and strategy has and how they affect a projects lifecycle in a digital media project. After completed specialization, you will know how to make conclusions about a company’s business and activities, its Internet strategy and be able to make suggestions about potential improvements.

Project Management/Strategy 2
The aim is to absorb knowledge in leadership, project management and methodology in the digital media industry. After completed specialization, you will have increased your ability to understand marketing and its components.

Technology 1
The aim of this module is to gain basic knowledge of the technical areas and being familiar with preparing, following through and finishing the technical part of a project. You should know how to approach clients and new technologies.

Technology 2
The aim of this module is to learn more about the technical process and to work and organize code and data in a professional way. The student will also learn more about cross media programming, rich content development and streaming.

Design 1
The aim of this module is to gain knowledge of the design areas and be familiar with preparing design strategy, following through and manage the business strategy and design strategy by finishing the design part of a project.

Design 2
The aim of this module is to learn more of both the theoretical and practical aspects of design. You will be familiar with brand development, design strategies, preparing, following through, documenting and finishing the design part of a project. You should know how to approach clients and how to communicate and sell design based upon client needs.

With this information and the goals I have for later in life I know what to sign up for, and that is Project Management/Strategy for both.

New groups….

Not really. And no, the module isn’t over until December 17th. But today we got the news that all the groups will keep three people in their groups and one or two people will have to swap groups. This because it happens all the time in real life. People quit and people start on ongoing projects, so now we had to work with it.

In my group Karin was the one to leave and Pawel became the new member. I took the role as the project manager, since Karin was the one having it before. We briefed Pawel on our brief, the debrief we got back, and the brief we got and the debrief we wrote. I know, it is a little confusing, but Pawel seem to get it all.

We are almost finished with the project, except some changes and tweaks, but for now we are focusing on our individual assignments. This assignment is due on Friday, and the group project is due on Monday with a presentation on Wednesday.

Lecture: Henrik Engdahl

Design is problem solving, and process is something happening over time. So design process is problem solving over time, that is what Henrik Engdahl said today at the lecture at Hyper Island. Henrik works as a designer at Doberman and is a former Hyper Island student, crew8.

Instead of a linear design process Henrik is working after an interative process, which means he is constantly testing his ideas. He says “Fail early to succeed sooner” is his motto, and I think I’ll adapt that. I know this is what Hyper is all about so maybe it is time to actually allow myself to fail. It can’t be to bad. And if doing it this way, the result will still always be good (if not even best).

Henrik also told us about different methods he is using during the design process, like personas and scenarios. It is very important to know your target group, how they live and what they do but it is also important to know what they want and how they want it. Mood board, designmaps, focus groups, prototyping and user testing were other methods he talked about. And in the end of the lecture Henrik told us about the design process when working with SVT play.