Workshop: Emil Rosen

At today’s workshop Emil Rosen showed us one and two point perspective. He also had us draw some fast drawings just to find he shape of stuff, and then we finished the day with some color theory.

I’ve taken both the classes Proportion and perspective and Color theory at The Art Institute of California – San Diego, but it was nice with a reminder. Like I said the other day, it is really fun drawing and I’m happy to get back into it.

OFFF Paris 2010

Now it is all set! I’m going to Paris this summer to go to the digital festival OFFF. We are 20 people from DM11, MGD10, and DM10 who are going as for now, but I’m sure some more people will join as soon as they know about summer vacation and stuff.

I’m really excited since I haven’t been to Paris before. And to go there with some of my new friends feels so right. Especially for the event we are going to.

Here is a list of some of the artists and agencies who will be there:
Julien Valleé
Keith Schofield
Vaughan Oliver
Craig Ward

Workshop: Daniel “IKAROZ” Diaz


Today was the best day at Hyper Island by far. Daniel Diaz came and had a workshop in Graffiti with us. He is a great artist and a super cool guy. You can read his blog here. Daniel had art boards, canvases, paint, caps, pens and other stuff with him and we got to create our own art.

First Daniel showed us some of his stuff from 1990 to now, and it was really cool to see his style change and transform. It was also fun to hear some of the stories behind an art piece.

After this it was time for us to create groups of four. My group = Alexander, Theo, Tomas and I. We all painted the background, and while getting dry we drew our cut outs. It was really fun drawing. I used to draw more when I lived in San Diego, but I definitely feel like it is time to pick it up again.

I haven’t seen the class this excited in a long time, and we haven’t been working this well together in…never I think. Everyone was happy. No computers involved, it was just us being creative with pen and paper, and then spray paint.

Module: Visual Communication

Vinh and Christian from Perfect Fools, Stockholm came to introduce the new module for us. It is called Visual Communication. First they presented themselves and then they showed us examples of bad design. It’s funny how many bad logos are out there. Logos that should say something, but visualize something completely different.

So new module. But not new groups. It make sense though. The last four weeks we worked on writing a business plan. During this module we are creating three digital solutions for the business plan. Not our own, but another groups business plan, and that is why we are staying in the same groups. Can you imagine the chaos if people had new groups but still had to meet for briefs and debrief talks.

We also got an individual assignment. We are with the inspiration from a designer creating a poster, a movie, or a website. I’m super excited about this and didn’t need to think long before I picked my inspiration. I won’t mention right away who I picked, so I’ll write more about it next week.

One great day in Stockholm

I started the day with meeting Oskar at Hyper Island, Stockholm at 8am. We talked about the upcoming meeting and gathered some information that we wanted to present. And at 9am the board meeting started where both Oskar and I are representing the two Digital Media classes.

The meeting went really well. It was cool to get so much information about Hyper Island from a totally different perspective and I feel like the others at the meeting felt the same way when Oskar and I talked through our perspective. The meeting went on for three hours, but it really didn’t feel that way. It was always a discussion and everyone got to say what was on their mind. We also decided that the next meeting will be in February and it will be held in Karlskrona.

In the afternoon I had two more meetings, One with the head  of marketing at Hyper Island. We were talking about student business cards, but I’ll get back to that when I have more information to share.

At 3pm I had another meeting. When I was in Stockholm last time for the Experience Technology I talked to a guy at the exhibition. He liked our idea then and I thought to contact him about this project as well. He is working on applications, so that was a perfect match since that is what my group is working on right now. I meet Fredrik and his team and we talked for over an hour and I got so much feedback and plenty of input. I’m super excited about our project now, even though we are changing it a little…


No, I’m not moving, but this blog just did. From being on the “front page” of, it is now on I hope this wont confuse you, but instead feel the excitement about what will show there instead.

Lecture: Anne Kjær Riechert

Today Anne Kjær Riechert spoke at Hyper Island. She spoke about three very current and interesting things; networking, innovation, and being pro-active. I loved everything she said about networking and I also learned a few things from Anne.

I also learned a lot from her when talking about being pro-active. This means you are able to predict a change and change it to something good. Therefor you always have the control and you decide what move you’ll take.

DM11KNA are currently working on a module called Concept and Development where we are about to write a business plan. At the end of four weeks we are pitching our idea to a board of five-six people and because of this Anne showed us a video clip from TED. It’s David S. Rose who are talking about pitching to VCs. Super fascinating, but man does he talk fast.

New website – soon

Picture 51

I’m working on my new website and this is what I have so far. It’s not up yet, this is only a PS layout. But I’m excited about starting coding and stuff. Any feedback for now?