Workshop: Ingemar Pettsersson

Idea developing, Lotus

Ingmar Pettersson was at Hyper Island today and helped us idea develop for our new project. We are suppose to create a business plan for something digital and innovative. With no concrete brief this was really hard. My group made it harder as well since we all want to create something fantastic.

We started of with writing some really bad ideas. This was the plan for coming up with about 1000 ideas before lunch. And these ideas were pretty bad I would say, because I’m sure people would actually pay us for not continuing the development on some of them. After writing these we looked them over again to see if we maybe could create something good out of them. Some became not as bad, but some ideas took some cool turnes.

After working on these two methods Ingemar presented the Lotus Flower, where you write the main idea (in this case Digital Media) in the middle of one paper and surrounds it with new ideas, which you later add to new papers in the middle of them. See the image below and hopefully you’ll understand. It’s like a brainstorming map, but more organized into squares. The whole day was great and we really did com up with more then 1000 ideas.

Module: Concept and Development

We started this day with some evaluation for the group I was in during Experience Technology, First we gave the group feedback and we were suppose to give individual feedback as well, but we didn’t have the time before it was time for the next module introduction.

Today Jonas Lidman came to Hyper Island, Karlskrona to introduce the module Concept and Development. It is a four week module and we are suppose to have a written and thought through business plan in the end of it. On November 19th we are pitching our idea and business plan for five-six people and maybe one or more wants to invest in our ideas. Who knows?

I’m in a really good group for this project as well. We choose the group members on our strengths and weaknesses. Pretty interesting actually. During this module I’m with Theo Stråhlén (again), Andreas Kleiner, and Karin Idering.


This is the instructional video about THISPLAY and our vision.

Project Manager: Daniel Dominguez
PR/Marketing: Veronica Wallström
Programming: Theo Stråhlén
Art Director: Alexander Gårdenberg
Creative Architect: Christoffer Erneholm

Class representative

I’m the class representative from DM11KNA, which means I’ll go to four board meetings in a year. I don’t know if I can say that it will be fun, but I’m excited about the first meeting to see and hear what the board have to say.



Alexander Gårdenberg, Veronica Wallstrom, Christoffer Erneholm, Daniel Dominguez, and Theo Stråhlén.

This is the group I’m working with now. And I must say it might be the best group I’ve been working with so far. We all know what we are responsible for and we work really well together. We have less then two weeks to finish our product and to prepare for the exhibition that will be in Stockholm October 24th.

Week 3 of 4

We are now going into week three, and I can really feel the stress sneaking up on us. When we left Friday we had everything working just fine, on Sunday we came in to have a structure meeting, and today we are just not on track. What happened?

Well, it’s not that bad. The design and the interactive part is really coming along. Alexander is doing an amazing job. But the camera doesn’t really want to cooperate today. The screen is pixelated so Daniel, Theo, and Christoffer have been trying to figure it out all day. It’s really a mystery.

I’m also in the exhibition group so I have been working with that some of the day. There is so much to do in so little time, but I’m sure we will make something really good out of this. All of us.

Wanna read more, see our blog at

Module: Experience Technology

I was really excited when the module Experience Technology started. On Tuesday Petter Warnsberg came to present the module, but we didn’t get our groups until Wednesday. And when I got my group I was even more excited. I’ve been working with Christoffer Erneholm and Theo Stråhlén before and I feel that we have the same goals and passion for what we do. I’ve been wanting to work with Daniel Dominguez and Alexander Gårdenberg, for their knowledge in design, good communication, and presentation skills and now I will.

Everyone is participating, and the level of work is super high and I think this depends on the smaller team building we had on Wednesday. We set the roles and the responsibilities and expectations that came with each role so everyone knows what they are doing.

Today we have been doing some serious idea development and we are so excited of what we can come up with and we all want the best idea there is.