Five ways to…

The seminars that I went to today were great. I really really liked the first one when Glenn talked about conflicts. The whole presentation was great, and I did recognize some of the content from the UGL course. I also liked the third presentation where Tomas talked about how we can get our customers to brag about us. He is also a great speaker and I hope Hyper Island could invite him to have a lecture for us.

When walking out of the Marinmuseum I found some cards with five tips on them that I would like to share. o here are five ways to get a spin on your business:

- Ask yourself where do I see myself in three years?
- Identify your strengths
- Keep yourself updated inside your field
- Make sure you are using your full capability
- Identify your network

Seminars at the Marinmuseum

Tomorrow I’ll be attending three seminars in the morning. I don’t have a lecture at Hyper Island until 1.30pm, so this will be perfect. All the seminars are in Swedish, and the ones I’m attending are held at the Marinmuseum here in Karlskrona.

The first seminar is about conflicts and how to communicate. I think this one can be very good and when I read about it, it reminds me a little about the UGL course I took when starting at Hyper Island. Glenn Carlbark will be the speaker.

The second seminar is about branding and everything around branding. Joakim Eklund and Viktor Ehrenberg will be sharing information about starting up a business, what qualities to embrace in a company, how to communicate through the right medias, and how to create a strategy.

Tomas Lydahl will be talking at the last seminars, where he will tell us how to get our clients to brag about us. This can be hard, since it is the disappointed clients who talk the most. Satisfied clients might not say anything, and they might not use your service the next time even if they where happy with your result.

I’m very excited about what I’ll hear tomorrow. There are 13 more seminars going on, some at the Marinmuseum but also some at Hyper Island. Check out the list and sign up here.

Ballons, papers, and much more

We just had a lecture with Lucy McRae here at Hyper Island – Karlskrona and it was such a great lecture. Lucy is really talented and creative and she is an inspiration for photography, color theory, and fashion.

Lucy has been working for PHILIPS, but on the side she worked on different photo projects together with a friend. These photos are amazing. They worked together one day a week, where they spent the first half day to preparation, then the photo shoot took place, and then the clean up. And if you watch the photos (and you should), you can imagine the mess they did.

Fashion Show

I wont attend the presentation technique at Hyper Island these three days (Wednesday – Friday). I’m going to New York instead. Tonight (Wednesday) ELSAandME is having its first fashion show and I will be there.

ELSAandME is the fashion company my friend Maja started in April. She needed someone to build her a website and I was the one doing it. After the website I created a blog and I also designed a newsletter. There has been a fashion show (guest designer) and a trunk show, and more people is getting interested in the company. I’m very excited to be a part of this journey and the fact that I was in on it from the beginning. And to see my friend grow has been amazing.

I’ll arrive at Newark at 1pm and then I have to go straight to LES – Lower East Side, where the fashion show will be held. The show starts at 7pm, but there is a lot of things to prepare. Models, mak-up, hair, clothing, music, runway, cameras, flyers, people, press, entertainment between walks, etc.

I might Bambuse the show, but I’ll definitely take tons of photos.

Monday Meeting

Monday, new week and a new module. Today we started with a Monday Meeting, which we are going to have like every second Monday. Now in the beginning the co-workers will be with us, but later we are having it ourselves. This is for us to talk about pretty much everything, and I like the idea.

The new module is called Communication Skills. This is a two week module and the first week will be presentation technique with Jonas Lidman and the next week is Motion week. I’m very excited about motion week because After Effect is one program I want to learn more about.

Cultural Care AuPair meeting

Today I’m going to Kalmar. I’m going there to give a speech at a Cultural Care AuPair meeting. I’m invited as an ex-aupair and I’ll talk about my year as an aupair and I’ll also interview the girls and boys who are interested in the aupair program.

I’m excited about this and I want to inspire, help, and support the ones who chooses to go, because I know how emotional and fun it can/will be for them. It will be such an experience and it can really take them where ever they want to go. At least that is how I feel.

Networking online (and offline)

People from Digital Media and Motion have been asking me to help them with Twitter. I don’t know everything there is to know about Twitter, but I’ve had my account for a while now and I know why and how I’m using it. So of course I’ll share that with them. They also say that I’m very good at networking and that they want to know my secrets. So I’m gonna have a workshop next week on Saturday at 3pm.

It’s a little scary but also cool. I love to help, and I love to share. I don’t know how many people will show but I’m gonna talk about Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, and blogging. I’ll see if there are more things I can think of, but that’s a good start.

Workshop: Adobe After Effects

Fredrik and Simon had a workshop in Adobe After Effects today. I like how people in both Digital Media and Motion are taking the initiative to have workshops. It’s really cool how we are helping each other and sharing the knowledge we have.

I loved the class Motion Graphics when I took it at the Ai, so I have some basics in AE but there are so much more I want to learn. This workshop was a great start and I learned tons of stuff. Everyone just wanted to know everything at ones so the workshop lasted for three hours. Hopefully we’ll have other sessions as well.

Client: Karlskrona Kommun

Today we got into new groups and got a new project. This time with a real client. Very exciting. The client is Karlskrona Kommun (the municipality of Karlskrona).

The Brief: The city of Karlskrona wants to attract as many new residents as possible. The goal is to increase the city’s population with 25% by the year 2025.

As part of this goal, Karlskrona intends to become the number one city in the world, when it comes to media and innovative marketing, by using digital, interactive, and moving media.

For this project idea developing has a huge part, which it always should have. But today we really practiced it. We got different assignment just to help us brainstorm and to get as many ideas as possible. Very useful and I learned a lot.

Workshop: Basic HTML/CSS

Today Daniel and Theo had a Basic HTML/CSS Workshop. I know the basic for HTML and I’ve been working a little with CSS, but not in the way of writing them from scratch. They both did a great job and we all walk out of the workshop with a mini website. My website was pink and green and blue and gray. Not so pretty, or even cool, but good for seeing the different CSS blocks.

They are having another workshop again next week where we are working some more with the CSS coding. I’m very excited.