Me as a 19 year old

I love the fact that the age in my class is so spread out. There are people who just graduated high school, some 23-24 year olds, and some 30-34 year olds. We all have different experiences and different views on life, but it also reminds me of what I did and wanted to do when I was 19.

When I graduated high school I didn’t feel like I was finished with school, so I actually studied two extra years. I then took some of the same classes I’d just taken to get a better grade, but I also took my first HTML course.

I lived with my boyfriend at the time. We wanted to get a dog, looked into getting a new car (I didn’t  have a drivers license by then). I wanted to be a lawyer and that’s why I wanted the better grades so I could apply to the law programs at Stockholm university.

It’s cool to look back on this time because it is so different from where I am now. At the same time…I would still like to take a few law courses. And that first HTML class was a good decision back then since coding and design has been following me through the years.

Will this be our future?

“The future is already here – it is just unevenly distributed”

Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019

I really love this video from Microsoft, and I love the fact that I will be a part of it. I can definitely see some, if not all, of these ideas come to life.

Divided into groups

Today we got our groups that we are working in for the next week and a half. How we got it? First we were walking around to music inside the room, when the music stopped we stopped. Together with the two people closest to me I was then suppose to dance and follow each others moves. After that we were again walking around the room, but now in the groups of three. The last time the music stopped my group got mixed with the closest group of three. And that was our final group for this project.

First project, first group. I’m very excited.

Module: The Information Society

A new module starts today called The Information Society and it’s a three week long module. The first week will be lectures, workshops and other stuff….fun fun fun.

These are the first lecturers:
Monday – Jonathan Briggs one of the founders of Hyper Island.
Tuesday – Måns Adler founder of Bambuser
Wednesday – Annette Finnsdottir from Netfilmmakers
Thursday – Peter Nilsson from Banditteatern
Friday – Petter Warnsberg

Good balance

It’s been an intense beginning at Hyper Island with both UGL and Team Building, but I feel that I’ve balanced it out. Since I moved to Karlskorna I’ve been away two weekends to see family and friends and that’s been really good for me.

The weekend before the UGL course I took the train to Halmstad to see the family I nannied for in New York. I hadn’t seen them in two months by then and it was the best weekend of this summer.

Last weekend, the weekend after the Team Building I took the bus to Kalmar where my father, his wife, and my sister picked me up to continue to Öland. We spent the weekend camping and I realized it’s been way to long since I did that with them.

I really am happy to be in Sweden. Sure I miss New York, San Diego, and San Francisco and everything and everyone that comes with it, but I find it resting and peaceful to be living here now. And there is nothing I want more then to be a part of Hyper Island.

Team Building

Its been a long weekend from Friday to Tuesday. I’ve been really tired from the UGL course, and I haven’t been very social. But now it is time for team building and both Digital Media and Motion (MGD10KNA) are leaving Trossö, Karlskrona for three days to stay and play somewhere secret.

I think this team building will be like a part II of the UGL, but this time in bigger groups and outside. I’m excited and it will be fun to see the whole class again.

“Rear-view mirror”

Now the UGL is over and I totaly understand why people haven’t been able to explain the course for me, because I don’t really know what to tell you. It’s been a week full of theories, emotions, group exercises, and a lot of reflection. It feels like I’ve been through four years of working experience in just five days. I’m exhausted.

I’m sure I’ll bring a lot from this course. And I don’t just mean during the next two years at Hyper Island, I’ll carry this experience through the rest of my life.

Globatron interviews Hyper Island CEO


To read Globatron’s interview with Mattias Hansson – click here!

UGL week

It’s Monday and I’m about to walk over to Stumholmen and Båtmans, where my class DM11KNA and MGD10KNA is meeting for the UGL. I’m both excited and a little nervous.

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about the UGL, but at the same time I don’t really know what to expect. I do know that we have four days off after the course because it’s somewhat intense. What that means, I don’t know, but I’ll write some more later this week.

Second day of Hyper Island

Just as I didn’t know that we were staying until 5pm yesterday, I didn’t know we where going to meet on Wednesday as well. But there were more information, this time about expectations and myths about the Hyper Island, and our presentations continued.

It hit me several times, both today and yesterday, that I’m really sitting here. Here at Ångan, listening to Maria, Sofie, and Sofie talking. And they are talking to me, me and my classmates. We are a part of Hyper Island from now on.

We finished before 4pm. The last thing we talked about was next Monday. That’s when the UGL (Understanding Group and Leader) begins. I’m both very excited and a little intimidated about this course. So let’s see what happens.

First day of Hyper Island

DM11KNA class photo

Today was my first day at Hyper Island. Ola, Sanna, Calle, Karin, and I met outside our apartments and walked together in the morning. It really felt like first day, just like first day of first grade. Everything is new, so many expectations and thoughts at the same time. And we all walked with a smile on our faces.

I didn’t know what we were doing this day, but I some how didn’t expect to be there until 5pm. But there were so much information, we got our email addresses and the access card to the facilities, and we also had to present our selves.

It was really cool to meet all my classmates. I “knew” some of them from Grafiskt Forum, MSN, and Facebook. I also met some of them during the admission days. There was still some I hadn’t met and our class is now a full number of 38 people.

Image from: Hyper Island Blog


Now I have met so many of my classmates that I really think DM11KNA will be an amazing group of people. We are from all over the world (well Danny is from the U.S. and Åse is from Norway), we are from different kinds of environment, and the ages goes from 18 to 30, and we have done so many different things.

Right now we are all excited about school, we are why more relaxed then last time we saw each other – which was during the admission days and I’ve never been so nervous as I was then. We all hung out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Last night, which was Sunday, eight of us had dinner together. Home made dinner. We were all eating, talking, and listening to music. We actually have our own DM11KNA music list at Spotify where all of us have added songs we like. After dinner we walked over to another apartment where five students are living together. Their apartment is sick. 4 meters to the ceiling, five gigantic rooms with a super nice kitchen…all spread out on 173 square meter. So we where sitting in one of the guys rooms, 15 of us, and talked until midnight.

7 days and I love it

I’ve been in Karlskrona for a week now and I really do love it. My family helped me move last Saturday and there has been something going on every day. I’ve unpacked and the apartment really feels like home. Some of my stuff I also had in my last apartment in San Diego, so that might be why. I’ve met up with my friends who I got to know while they lived and worked in San Diego. I also found a trail where I can run and it’s about 5K.

A lot of people from my class got here Friday and Saturday, so we all met up and partied a little. It’s nice since 12(!) people live in the same building sharing three apartments.